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    Is gamerhag hard?

    Its simply balacnced as i think you see there are hard an simply tasks how doea it work? The hard ones give you alot more than easier but the hard are funny and nice to play! Im not very sure but the easy too for people that cant do very hard ones like me ;p

    7 july 2019 18:30 1628

    Its really easy but its time consuming

    7 july 2019 22:49 1628

    It's not hard just grindy

    8 july 2019 10:30 1628

    Gamehag is only hard for people with bad country economy. For example, you only get like 100 soul gems for completing tasks on War Thunder in Israel, but in the US, it is thousands you can get for completing tasks on that game.

    8 july 2019 16:44 1628

    You only need a lot of patience but yeahh its worth it

    10 july 2019 12:45 1628

    well u just have to spend a lot of time

    10 july 2019 14:17 1628

    no its not but it takes time

    10 july 2019 16:13 1628

    I see the offers part a pain in the neck. It seems like every single survey or downloading a spyware app never gives me soul gems.

    10 july 2019 19:03 1628

    its pretty easy its just that even if you do the top reward you still wont have enough XP to get a prize

    10 july 2019 19:36 1628

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