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    Constant rejection

    Literally everyone is having this problem, you do the challenge, you send the evidence, then they reject. ive taken to highlighting the wins in red marker in ms paint and writing in massive bright text explaining what the challenge is because the reviewers obviously dont understand their job that well, yet they still manage to screw it up and reject. from looking through the forums it seems to be that only a small percentage actually manage to get approved, and its at complete random. seems a bit suspicious if you ask me.

    5 july 2019 18:29 2176

    Based on my experience, your screenshot won't b approved unless you sent a ticket to Misty.

    5 july 2019 19:31 2176

    Sent a ticket about the problem, wish me luck i guess

    5 july 2019 19:36 2176

    finally worked :D

    6 july 2019 06:47 2176

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