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    Today i will help you earn your crossout reward.

    In this guide Im going to show you how to get the  reward and a few tips on how to play Crossout
    How to easily get the reward

    For the reward, you need to play and finish 10 games (you have to win them) With your starting car you are given play your first game, you can either play the game normally (trying to kill enemies and play the objective) or you can get straight into the action and die as fast as possible. When you die, dont  press escape and click on return to garage becous it will say unfinished battle.
     When you finish 10 games and won them go and claim your reward on your account and redeem your prize of 535 soul gems.
    you can see your battles when you click on your name then you see the tabs of portairt,medals,stickers,guids, and history press on history to see your wins and loses
    then just make a screen shot of it (if you dont know how to do that just grab your phone and make a photo and put the file in dropbox  then open dropbox on your  pc and the picture will be there ready for you to upload it)
    hope you liked my info about crossout and didnt notich my bat english too mutch sorry for that.
    by DJheineken1
    I suggest playing the game in your spare time until you reach it. Enjoy the games you play and dont rush! it's a fun game afterall

    13 june 2017 13:03 1625

    I hope gamehag accepts these screenshot.

    24 august 2019 21:57 1625

    crossout is an okay game

    4 september 2019 14:41 1625

    crossout is ok ?!!

    7 september 2019 20:58 1625

    Very good guide thanks

    8 september 2019 09:00 1625

    Haha, nice info, i'll try it, but i'm sure they will reject it again.
    The task says that you have to win 10 battles, okay i've done it, so i've made a sreen shot of that (Profil/medals/missions/Winner II - this medal shows that how many wins do you have), i got rejected 3 times.
    Ididn't make screen shot on my match history page, because there you can't scroll up-down the page, so you can see only 15 match and you have to be lucky as **** if you want to get 10 win out of 15 shown matches.

    So i'll try it tomorrow, and i'll make a comment here to let you know

    1 october 2019 23:28 1625

    hey guys how do you properly finished a survey. can you tell me how, please and thank you

    1 october 2019 23:49 1625

    Crossout - good game but,.. unbalanced Matchmaking

    6 october 2019 16:28 1625

    crossout is pay to win lol

    6 october 2019 17:38 1625

    you cab t change my mind

    6 october 2019 17:38 1625

    that is cool

    8 november 2019 08:38 1625

    good game to play

    8 november 2019 08:51 1625

    crossout is really good game, i like post apocalypse and i also like custom war vehicle creator, but its just the same thing again and again like league of legends or smite, and thats so boring, and you need so good pc to play without lags

    16 november 2019 20:59 1625

    and i almost forgot you need also so much free space in your pc, and thats annoying

    16 november 2019 21:00 1625

    Why are people doing these things they take so long to write em

    16 november 2019 21:04 1625

    i want play this game. very nice. hhh

    16 november 2019 21:21 1625

    very nice game

    17 november 2019 09:28 1625

    i love this gme

    17 november 2019 09:28 1625

    nice :) thnaks

    17 november 2019 10:14 1625

    how can i play this one????

    17 november 2019 10:32 1625

    pay to win hhh

    17 november 2019 13:48 1625

    its ok but toward the first part of the quest they just are worth it.

    18 november 2019 02:21 1625

    Crossout - cool game!

    18 november 2019 02:21 1625

    they should really fix the screenshot accept thingy

    18 november 2019 02:23 1625

    Wait, is this after you win 15 battles?

    18 november 2019 04:01 1625

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