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    Article Bug

    Hello Gamehag team, I have a big problem with my account I can not send my articles directly from my account! I sent my articles so many times but it always got rejected for the reason SPAM but they are not. I check my articles every time from the app and I see there is no rates and no votes; I am sure the Article Bot cheaker has a problem with my account and always consider my articles as spam. ● I published my first article with help of the moderators (@Kabash and @myStery24) and finally placed in article section but the problem still exists. ● I was trying to send my second article which called Clash Royale (Part 1) but it get rejected every time although it is totally different from my previous article. Still consider as spam! So what should I do? Should I wait about 1 week for publishing every single of my articles from moderators? ● Can I create a new account and the GH team sends all my progress like experience, runes and my Soul Gems into the new one? Please help me...

    30 june 2019 19:02 1628

    This will bre resolved quickly i beleive one of my friends had the same problem

    30 june 2019 23:51 1628

    Mabey contact misty? I dont think they read all the forums so this just might be waste of time, mabey not but it might be a good idea to contact the support

    3 july 2019 15:38 1628

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