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    Review: Red Ball 4

    Red Ball 4 is a fun to play game developed by FDG Entertainment. This review is about this game in the way I see.

    Red Ball 4 has a really good and attractive story. A planet full of balls was living happily before some square shaped monsters came. The monsters were turning the balls into squares/cubes. One of the balls took the matter seriously and went on a mission to stop and kill the monsters. The game is all about to stop and defeat the monsters.


    Main Menu:
     When you open the game, the first thing that pops up is the main menu of the game. There are various tabs like settings tab, ball's skin tab, play tab and time trial tab in the main menu of the game.

    Settings Tab:
     Here you can change the settings of the game according to your choice. You can change the language, controls, turn music and sounds off or on, etc.

    Ball's Skin Tab:
     Here you can select one of some different ball skins. But first, you will need to unlock them by doing a task. After that, you can simply click on the skin to apply it.

    Time Trial Tab:
     Here you can challenge yourself against the clock to pass the level in time. You will need to pass a particular level in the given time to score the best.
    Lives: This game follows rules of lives similar to a famous game known as ' Candy Crush '. You have 5 lives, which you can lose while playing the game. You can gain your lives after a certain amount of time.


    Red Ball 4 has a simple 2D but interesting gameplay. We play as a small cute ball to defeat the square-shaped monsters. Touching the monsters results in the reduction of our lives. As we complete the game further the monsters get upgraded and the game begins to become hard. But it also makes the game more interesting to play. The boss level is the hardest level of the chapter (as usual in all games). This game has animated stories and good graphics. When we complete a boss level, an animated story plays and leads us to the other levels of the game. The music of the game is also good and cheering. All these features combine together to give us a perfect gameplay experience.


     This game is a perfect game to play when you are bored. Good graphics, controls, and story make you play the game more and more. You will surely find this game interesting.

    Thanks for reading......
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    30 june 2019 09:59 1625

    This game is good I play these games whenever I'm free on gogy.com, although I have completed the game many time I still love playing these game.

    12 october 2019 13:01 1625

    Sorry but red ball is kid game!
    I dont like red ball sorry

    12 october 2019 15:22 1625

    it is freeeeeeeee

    12 october 2019 15:33 1625

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