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    New ways to get SG easily

    Everyone know about the classic ways to earn SG like contract or games but today i will teach you new ways to earn SG. This ways are unlimited and don't have cooldown only one or two have cooldown. This ways help you to get even 100 SG per day or more. Some of you will find these ways useful.but another of you will know already about those ways. Some of them will not give you XP, only games and contracts will give you XP but those ways will give you only SG. The amount of SG is not big but are very efficient. But let's begin with our tips. Warning those ways are not know by everybody and after a time they will be resolved but now those are working. I will suport a lot if you will rate my work and tell my more tips about articles. I will suport a lot if you will publish this article and help me to correct my mistakes. I think in the future I will make more articles and this is how you show me do you want more articles like this.

    1.Report spam
        Gamehag reward with a SG for every report of spam. If you report a player you will have to wait 24 hours for verification by admins. If your report is good you will get reward with a SG. How your report is good, a spam is a message with random letters and nonsense like ,,gsgsegaesgesw''. If you report a lot of message who are not spam you will get ban or will lose XP. You can't report message like ,,hi'' , ,,thanks'' because those are not spam but those are write only for XP. 2. How you report a comment or message? It is easy all you had to do is find the spam message and then on right back corner you will see a warning sign click that sign and the message was report. This is a good way to help Gamehag to improve the community.

    2.Voting articles

        If someone make an article the community will vote if the article will be publish. Per day are make 3-4 articles, for every vote articles you will get 5 SG. If you don't know how to vote an article you will need to go to articles and there you will have three buttons or two. First button is named ,,Create article'' that do what you think the second is named ,,Your article'' , this button is show only if you have write a article. And the third button is blue and is named ,,Vote'' that is the button which you need.

    3.App zone

        I think a part of players know about this mode. App zone is only for mobile app and has cooldown. Appzone give you a SG for a every AD watched.Nothing else about app zone.

    4.Invite friends
       Ganehag offers SG for inviting friends. If someone acces a special link where it can be found in more tab. If you can't invite a friend with a link you can use a unique code like my code GH2376105. I will be very happy if you will use my code because it help me to earn SG.

    5.Leveling up and free chest

       If you make enough level you will get SG. XP can be earn by write message on articles, forums and create threads. Don't spam message or thread because those will result in losing XP or ban. The players work against spam, if you read the first way you will know what I am talking about.

    6.Free chests

        If you are to lazy to do XP you can open the daily chest. If you want more I will tell you a tip for make enough gems to open an event chest only with 400 SG. You will have to buy a CSGO skins who will be sent in 24 hours buy one and then after a day you will get your gems back because you don't accept the trade if you will do this for 4-5 times you will can open the chest.

                                                                                I hope my article help you to earn SG in Gamehag

    28 june 2019 23:17 1625

    Does anyone know what is the cooldown for the App Zone?

    1 july 2019 05:40 1625

    @naitais I believe it's 24h.

    1 july 2019 06:24 1625

    SG is still quite grindy to get sadly but I guess it pays off for the free games (and weapon skins if you play CS:GO)

    8 july 2019 10:23 1625

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