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    App zone limit

    So i used app zone before and it got limited after 100 sg and it says do other tasks i cant do other task because there is no offer for my country and games take 2 years to complete their task on mobile now i didnt mind but now i want the giveaway that is for app users and i cant finish the app zone task for it what should i do?

    25 june 2019 22:02 1628

    Wait tomorrow, you can only earn 100SG max per day from the app zone.

    26 june 2019 01:51 1628

    This happens sometimes and the only way to 'unlock' the appzone is to do any kind of wall of offers, not just game offers. If a quiz is available in your country you can try that too, else you might need to wait a few days for the pool to be 'refilled'.

    26 june 2019 08:01 1628

    Thanks but i dont think waiting fix it because its been more than 2 weeks since it got limited

    26 june 2019 08:08 1628

    Are you sure there aren't any other offers you can do? If you need some quick way of unlocking the appzone you can try offers that say 'download and install this app', though I suggest you pick these kinds of offers from the Wall of Terror which has support to contact if anything goes wrong. Quiz offers works well even if they don't payout much and surveys payout a lot though they're not too reliable. Else, I don't think I can help you other than to suggest getting in touch with the support. Sorry about that.

    26 june 2019 08:16 1628

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