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    How do people become moderators or a part of the Gamehag team? Please tell me I would really like to know because I haven't found any way to see that.

    24 june 2019 15:34 1628

    What is that dislike for may I ask?

    24 june 2019 16:36 1628

    First don't worry about Dislikes, some users don't like any questions! Second for being a moderator in Gamehag you should be level 6 atleast then there should be a request from GH team that they ask for some new moderators, after that you can send a massage and wait for their answer.

    24 june 2019 18:06 1628

    Thank you! Also, I just thought maybe I lost exp if people dislike my comments.

    24 june 2019 18:09 1628

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