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    My article

    I tried like 4 times to submit this article and it got rejected all of these times by users and I don't know why. Here is a screenshot of the article please explain to me why: http://prntscr.com/o5ydw3

    24 june 2019 15:18 1628

    Because your article has already been covered by an other user in the from users section, yours is almost exactly the same so plagiarism comes to mind and if not that then lack of originality

    24 june 2019 18:19 1628

    What do you mean by "your article has been 'covered'"?

    24 june 2019 18:29 1628

    That there is already an article in the from users forum wich is almost the same as yours (covered) the subject has already been made into a thread/article before

    24 june 2019 18:32 1628

    So because I thought about that idea too late, I just lost all of the time I spent on writing that?

    24 june 2019 18:33 1628

    It's always better to check first, the only one to blame is yourself to be honest. You can't expect gamehag to accept the same or simillar articles or everyone would be doing it to get sg and would result in insane ammounts of plagiarism and spamming

    24 june 2019 18:37 1628

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