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    About Neverwinter Task 1

    So i decided to Play a game like Neverwinter and i had to take a Screenshot and i sended it. How long do i have to wait to get a Provement of that Misty? i think i have waited for 18 Hours i belive Right now. I have another question and that is. I Screenshotted it In Full screen with Printscreen Does it work with that

    24 june 2019 06:29 1628

    You have to wait up to 48 hours if I'm not wrong.

    24 june 2019 15:26 1628

    Welp. Misty has a good joke towards me. Saying that i have not a new account When the account clearly is 1 day old and rushed to level 10...

    24 june 2019 16:31 1628


    2 august 2019 23:56 1628

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