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    My key doesn't work

    I got key from giveaway but it doesn't work.
    i told support but they says:Giveaway codes are promotional in nature. There is little risk of a duplicate. Try your luck in the next giveaway

    22 june 2019 14:39 1628

    I quess your key is just garbage now... if they support doesnt want to help you might contact the site/game where you got the key from. They mabey can help you

    23 june 2019 15:27 1628

    I don't think you actually have a chance to get the key back you just had bad luck. Good luck next time!

    2 july 2019 11:55 1628

    Sorry bro,better luck next time

    10 july 2019 03:08 1628

    Yeah that sucks, better luck next time :(

    10 july 2019 03:39 1628

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