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    Strange Telephone - PC Review

    Strange Telephone is a 2D casual adventure game developed by HZ3 Software and published by AGM PLAYISM for Steam on 21 January, 2019.

    Strange Telephone is a game that shocked the world when it got released, as nobody expected a 2d game developed by HZ3 Software to have a story that's this good. The sad fact is that it actually doesn't deserve to be called what it is called right now - "a 2d game of the year". It's a simple "point-and-click" type of game, and that's not something deserved to be called a hit. Don't think bad of this game, I've only said that it doesn't deserve to be called a game of the year, I haven't said that it's bad or boring or something, as that would be completely wrong.


    The story of the Strange Telephone is not bad at all, it's actually pretty good. You'll begin the game waking up some strange young lady(later on you'll hear that she's called Jill), but you won't have an idea where are you waking her up, you won't have an idea where you are located at. She's trapped in some sort of dark world, and you'll have to understand what the hell are huge doors doing in front of her.  From there on you'll control the Jill in order of opening the massive doors, you'll guide her key-finding route. Massive doors are nothing strange actually, a strange thing in that strange room is actually(guess what?) a telephone. Not any kind of telephone, one-eyed telephone which will fly above Jill. Don't worry, it's not your enemy, a one-eyed telephone is going to introduce it to yourself and you'll understand that his name is Graham. That one-eyed telephone is your portal machine. What does a one-eyed telephone portal have to do with massive doors? Well, do you think you'll find the key for the doors in the room you're currently in?


    The game is not boring at all in fact, and you're not gonna solve it fast as you think, as it's not short. It contains about twenty different room types. These rooms, or shall I say worlds are actually the most interesting thing in this game. Each one is different by something, and the game will challenge you to visit each one, as each brings a different experience. Experiencing these twenty worlds are going to take a huge time from your life, but once you understand some things, I won't tell what things - I won't ruin you the experience, you'll have even more fun playing than you had before.  Fortunately, worlds aren't huge and you won't have to spend a lot of time in completely investigating one, it's big enough to trouble you but still doesn't get boring. 


    We've come to the part of rating this game, so let's do it. Strange Telephone is a game you'll enjoy due to it's a weird but good and interesting story. It's a game that won't be solved easily. As I have already said, It doesn't bring something unique to the genre so it actually doesn't deserve to be called a 2d game of the year but besides that, you'll have fun playing it. I'll rate this game 8/10 and I'll recommend it to everyone, check it out!

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    8 january 2020 10:17 1625

    nice good job

    8 january 2020 10:36 1625

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