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    problem with contracts..

    so i downloaded an app, it said "install and lauch" but nothing happen. sometimes the link is broken (example, the task said i need to download "lords mobile". but the link just redirect me to another app.

    9 june 2017 01:32 1628

    my app doesn't even direct me anywhere.

    9 june 2017 23:31 1628

    Hello I have a problem, I completed the contract using a new account but how they would know that the account is mine??? Pls respond

    20 april 2018 06:29 1628

    my one the problem is that it redirects me to the page then it says failed to load data, lol

    23 july 2019 06:43 1628

    i've got the same problem

    24 july 2019 00:38 1628

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