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    Articles help

    Hi guys, I did an articles yesterday about PUBG mobile and I sent it and the verifications process is completed. But how do I know how much it got rated and when do I get SG? And will it be published?

    15 june 2019 07:26 1628

    you can check your article comments and rates from the GH app, also you can see your article status from your notifications, if there is no massage about your article you should wait more --- @JadAlAshkhar3 I saw another account from you; you should pay attention having multiple accounts in gamehag is forbidden!

    15 june 2019 08:58 1628

    Oh no the other acc was my fb acc I logged in to it but forgot the Email so I logged from another acc. It's fine though I am not using the other acc this is my mine

    15 june 2019 09:00 1628

    you should send a massage to [email protected] to delete your previous account, if you don't do that your both accounts will be banned!

    15 june 2019 09:02 1628

    you will get a notification as soon as the moderators checked your article and you will be informed so, don't worry.

    15 june 2019 10:51 1628

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