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    I ordered a game and it is still "being prepared for dispatch".

    I ordered Fallout 76 (for quite a bit of Soul Gems, I might say) and it still hasn't arrived. The page says delivery takes up to 24 hours, as is the case with every game you can buy for SG. At the time of writing this, my order is over 3 days old. How long is 24 hours in gamehag land? Should I be worried? What's your experience with orders?

    13 june 2019 17:32 1628

    24 hours mean from the day you buy to tomorrow at the same time

    13 june 2019 18:18 1628

    That question was a bit sarcastic. I bought it more than 3 days ago, counting by the hours.

    13 june 2019 18:21 1628

    If you had taken the time to search the forum you would have found that your question has already been answered before ( please search the forum first if you have another question before making a new thread ) Anyway it can take up to 30 days before your reward arrives, so you will have to be a bit more patient.

    13 june 2019 18:28 1628

    Thank you for putting me in my place. I really needed that. Much like a usable search function in the forums. The buy page clearly says "up to 24 hours" There is not much room for interpretation there and so I was getting worried. Thanks for the info and the attitude. Cheers

    13 june 2019 18:36 1628

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