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    How do I get to level 3?

    I want to redeem my SG but it says I need to be level 3, how do I level up quickly?

    7 june 2019 01:06 1628

    either comment on threads a lot or do more task from other games

    7 june 2019 01:08 1628

    Ok, thanks for the help.

    7 june 2019 01:10 1628

    This has already been answered numerous times, so expect some people to report you for spam. Next time search the forum for answers, before creating a duplicate thread.

    7 june 2019 01:44 1628

    Oof. I also want to know- what is the average xp you get from doing tasks?

    7 june 2019 05:00 1628

    I'm trying to reach level 3, also. My problem is that my score on my experience bar keeps gegtting lowered.

    7 june 2019 14:36 1628

    @dixie_lane_sampson that happens because of spamming, each spam comment that gets reported will cause you to lose 10 xp it could also en up in a ban if you keep on spamming, avoid all comments that have no relevance to the subject or have no value

    7 june 2019 14:43 1628

    @dixie_lane_sampson check this post with rules and punishments:

    7 june 2019 16:09 1628

    comment on community and article but dont spam because your exp will goes down if you spam.

    7 june 2019 16:18 1628

    comment on forums or articles im doing it right now

    7 june 2019 17:03 1628

    Xp can be earned by completing offers or by commenting on fourms. We need at least level 3 to redeem a reward and at least level 6 to gift sg to friends. Reaching level 3 is easy

    8 june 2019 08:14 1628

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