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    Some help required with customer service

    I'm not receiving any help from Misty about incorrectly being refused the agreed soul gems for a task. Does anyone have any tops on how to get some assistance. I've tried Misty on numerous occassions and only get a very unhelpful automated message that then closes the ticket. This makes me assume that either the help is fully automated and i'm wasting my time battling with it or the human operators hold gamehag customers in disdain . Has anyone got any idea how to get a problem looked at?

    6 june 2019 20:20 1628

    That's kind of the problem. From what I gather, of all the 'play to get rewards' -websites in existence, Gamehag's support isn't among the best. There's Discord, but getting any answers from there takes time, and the usual response is either to keep sending the screenshot to Misty or to create a new account into the game. Judging by the comments I've read, neither is guaranteed to work.

    All this is why I prefer other methods than games when it comes to earning soul gems.

    6 june 2019 20:42 1628

    Thanks for confirming that I'm not going mad. I'll give discord a try and see if that helps. What are the better ways to get soul gems?

    6 june 2019 20:52 1628

    if u go to misty you get most times a standart answer if you make your answer not clear misty asks your question more specific and most times you will get better answer then.

    6 june 2019 22:46 1628

    Thanks MartinoSS I'll give that a try.

    6 june 2019 22:48 1628

    So I tried not being clear with Misty to trick it into getting someone to look into it.

    It was going well and I got a very promising message of 'Hi can I help'. Delighted that I was getting spoken to by a real person I asked very politely if I could get some help with my issue and the response was ............

    ...........same automated nonsense followed by 'your problem is now solved, ticket closed'

    arrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh! Head banging in to wall.

    I'm sure someone is winding me up and I've fallen for it. Gamehag please for my mental health, respond to me

    7 june 2019 17:15 1628

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