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    Article Bug

    Hi, This is 5th time my article got rejected and the reason is SPAM, my article name is: COUNTER STRIKE GLOBAL OFFENSIVE (PART 1), has anyone even seen it in the voting section; surely not, why? Because it has not even the chance to be shown because of this system bug! I am sure it is not SPAM and a real article, for proving to myself I just check my article every time from the GH app and every time I see no comments and no votes! It's a serious bug and need to be fixed. I saw other users who have the same problem as me...

    4 june 2019 23:59 1628

    It is about 1 week I have this problem and even Misty didn't help me! also my purple rune is wasting and I can not do anything!

    5 june 2019 00:00 1628

    That is indeed strange since i have seen your article and also have left a comment on it. I haven't reject it but i did vote it so moderators could check it up more carefully. From that on i am not sure what happened...

    Article system is bugged last few days (whole week exactly) and i am sure it will be fixed ASAP so keep calm and collect SG by other ways until they sort this problem out ;)


    PS. #rosey12 - Error code 55 is connected with a faulty memory, and please don't spam or use wrong threads for similar questions

    6 june 2019 09:41 1628

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