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    I am banned from Appzone

    I am waiting 1 mounth but He alwaya says:If you want any sg Do another tasks.Help me pls.Thanks

    4 june 2019 21:17 1628

    This has already been answered but here's the answer. You HAVE TO complete a task from the Appzone, like a survey, quiz, etc to unlock it again.

    4 june 2019 22:54 1628

    bruh this thread is useless if you actually read the message from the appzone

    5 june 2019 04:56 1628

    you are not banned from appzone ; you just need to do those quizes those get approved no matter which country you are from that will then let you do appzone activities

    5 june 2019 05:27 1628

    You have to complete a contract or a game offer to unlock the appzone again

    8 june 2019 08:15 1628

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