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    Best Game To Play?

    Looking for a game where the soul gems are easy to obtain, whilst still having a considerable amount available. Suggestions??

    5 june 2017 23:48 1628

    I like to say no best game, Old time was doom unreal quake best fps game 3d action. Today I like play kingdom, need a great computer. I feel not happy new games take more and more need of a stronger computer, It is more important make games still won't play after 30 days, So many small games is much garbage on steam, pay 0.30. It not a great idea to create a small game and bad quality. I will be happy to see people stop steam, steam ARE NOT good for the great game, Who want garbage games in the market, should stop game card too, Is not good for sell game,,

    31 january 2019 17:29 1628

    I think gta v is best game to play multiplayer

    31 january 2019 19:21 1628

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