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    rate and earn

    im trying to rate my prepaid card but it doesnt work can someone tell me why?

    3 june 2019 04:13 1628

    I want robux but why i must level up to 3

    1 december 2020 07:00 1628

    I assume you mean the "Rate us and receive 100" that's shown at the bottom of the box when you click your reward in your inventory? I'm assuming this wording is wrong or the task was changed at some point but what you need to do is post proof on the Gamehag facebook page and then contact Misty for your reward.

    15 february 2021 14:51 1628

    I worked for three tasks and didn't get reward till now, the support is not that good I don't know why

    15 february 2021 14:58 1628

    how are you all

    16 february 2021 10:29 1628

    looks like all are friends

    16 february 2021 10:30 1628

    well this is confusing

    16 february 2021 10:33 1628

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