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    why does my article get reported for spam while they are not!

    i wrote an article (review for standoff 2) and really worked on that article and post it and im 100% sure that it was not a spam article but then also it got reported for spam.if you did review my article please tell me how can i fix this to get accepted. If you want the articles i could send it in a thread so you could help me out.

    31 may 2019 21:15 1628

    people really don't check them, but to make sure, moderators or users ? which one decided that your article is spam ?

    good to have access to this site after two months:)

    31 may 2019 21:18 1628

    its just writen on the article in your articles that rejected (spam)

    31 may 2019 21:20 1628

    my advice is to be in touch with moderators on discord, you can contact to them and talk to them about your article, keep it in mind don't pin moderators in rooms. its annoying. start the chat and wait for their respond.

    31 may 2019 22:02 1628

    there are stupid f**ks that just wanted to take the sg from voting and its easier to vote spam

    2 june 2019 15:31 1628

    @BI7AStillOnTheRun you do not get any sg when you vote an article as spam so what you are saying isn't true and certainly no reason to start insulting people even if you censor it. In the end it's the moderators who make the final descision on articles

    2 june 2019 16:46 1628

    yes people does not get sg when they report a article

    8 june 2019 08:54 1628

    It is based on your comments, sometimes you say the exact reason why an article is good or is not good, by this comments you are helping moderators to decide so you will reward for your comments, that is how you earn SG from article section.

    8 june 2019 18:04 1628

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