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    Robux on roblox

    Tired of having to buy robux. I really wanna set up a petition to bring back tix.

    26 may 2019 17:26 1628

    Good luck for that ,hope you will succeed.

    26 may 2019 18:19 1628

    Was never here when tix existed

    26 may 2019 21:05 1628

    Doubt it would work, sadly roblox is a money hungry co-operation

    27 may 2019 00:19 1628

    Now they just messed up the game Removing builders club Removing rixty (cant pay with paysafecard which i payed with) And more Roblox is going downhill Not talking ab the comunity oof

    27 may 2019 22:08 1628

    bruh dont spam for xp and also think roblox cant maintain their servers if no one is buying any of their products

    28 may 2019 09:26 1628

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