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    Fallout 3 Game

    What is this game and tell me about this game

    25 may 2019 14:29 1628

    Just look at the Steam page. In short: a Bethesda game with an 80s vibe. So-so story, clunky unbalanced gameplay, ugly character models, okayish background and drop models, larger than necessary modding scene. The radio is good though, remember to turn that up.

    25 may 2019 15:13 1628

    Just watch gameplay. If you like it ,purchase it from Rewards and its very cheap as 1k gems.

    25 may 2019 15:56 1628

    Really good game, same time you also can try new vegas.

    25 may 2019 18:51 1628

    Go watch some gameplay instead of asking here, or at least ask in the deticated forum. That will probably help you more. :)

    25 may 2019 19:24 1628

    holy **** 2 PAGES FULL OF SPAM how did NO ONE NOTICES THIS..

    12 june 2019 15:43 1628

    maze spammed a lot in one day how is his comment feature not disabled/suspended for one day

    12 june 2019 15:43 1628

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