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    talking in the forums?

    it says that talking in the forums is one of the ways to earn gems, and i was wondering how?

    23 may 2019 09:12 1628

    ok so how many levels will i have to make to get my first amount? i know spam will lose me points so i cant just spam.

    23 may 2019 09:22 1628

    I think you get sg for lvls after lvl 2, this si copied from faq:
    You gain the experience points (xp) needed to advance to the next level and receive a grade. For each consecutive level, you receive Soul Gems. Their amount depends on the level you've reached. In order to avoid spam, there is a limit of 10 accountable posts every 24 hours.

    If you wan't to get exp you can get some from playing games.

    23 may 2019 13:22 1628

    When you comment on anything (forums, articles, etc), there is a chance that your experience will increase with 1 %, with apparently a 5 % limit per day at maximum. But write properly and not too often: If you write too many comments in a short span of time, moderators will often see it as spam and delete your comments. In addition, users often report spam comments as the first reporter gains a soul gem for every spam comment he reported. If your comment gets deleted for whatever reason (including if you decide to delete it yourself) it will cause you to lose your experience points.

    23 may 2019 14:21 1628

    Post on the forums but not too much and as long as you arent spamming you will be fine

    25 may 2019 00:18 1628

    Guys is it possible to lose level so fast in just one day

    25 may 2019 04:12 1628

    And also write the answers in forum that matches the title. Other things asking in different title of forum is not tolerated.

    25 may 2019 16:12 1628

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