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    Gamehag chests

    why every time i open a chest (cost me 800 soul gems) i have a random steam key! That make me this every time

    23 may 2019 01:45 1628

    It is better if you save your soulsgems and get money from then buy what you want , instead of putting youslef in a chance like this.

    23 may 2019 06:04 1628

    I think there might actually be a reason why the chests nearly always give something of low quality. At least with some of them there is the possibility to change the product into soul gems, if the reward is undesired. Sometimes the soul gems earned that way is more than the price of the chest itself, depending on the price of the game. The chances of getting anything good are so low to prevent people from exploiting a possible loophole, which in theory could allow a person to make an unlimited amount of soul gems in the long run.

    23 may 2019 08:14 1628

    I just want to ask, how much do you guys usually get from the daily chest? I always get 5sg and one time I got 25 but thats it.. is it some kind of scam where you never get anything good or what?

    23 may 2019 10:37 1628

    I believe @dakuwanga have answered your question.

    @blobfishs, I don't get to many soul gems in the daily chests either

    24 may 2019 14:16 1628

    Only go for chests if you are heavy on luck. Always go open free chests. Go purchase steam gift card or dedicated rewards so that you can purchase game of your choice.

    24 may 2019 15:44 1628

    West of sg don't buy it

    25 may 2019 15:04 1628

    Best to save your soul gems, unless you're really desperate.

    27 may 2019 00:33 1628

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