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    Life as a girl gamer

    No introduction needed.

    At first I thought life as a girl gamer would be nice, guys would respect me for being interested in guy-like hobbies.
    But life is pretty much like the old times when the men were the working ones and the women were the ones cleaning and cooking while taking care of everyone in the household.

    Now I'm not saying that's how it is today. but if you compare it to 2019, it is pretty similiar.

    We women get called out for attention-seekers, meanwhile the guys makes us feel like bad experienced players; even if we sometimes are even better than them, we even get bullied for our voice not being as masculine and dark as theirs, they also make us feel uncomfortable as a woman being because we have certain parts on our body that they don't have in common with us.

    The funny thing is that we have the total opposite reason for being a gamer, simply because that's our hobby and you guys should respect that.
    It's not about the boobs and the booty or the ''oh I'm so single'' life and it doesn't have anything to do with that either; what would you guys feel if we started question the size of your badooka and what size underwear you're wearing?

    I'm a girl gamer because I love gaming, I have been playing games ever since I was 9 years old. 
    I simply just love to take away all my stress and my worries about everything, shooting characters is a simple relaxation thing to do.

    But how should a gamer girl be? In my opinion she shouldn't just play mario cart and call herself a gamer, that's just embarrassing.
    A real gamer girl should play various games and stream if she want but for a good reason: because she's a gamer.
    A real gamer sets up goals for herself in the gaming world, she saves her money to interesting games she wants to play, she doesn't just play league of angels.

    If a girl streams and is wearing pink clothing, acts cute and doesn't focus on playing, of course then I understand why you guys see us women like that typical streamer-I can't play-but I'm cute- kind of girl. 

    Of course it's a good technique if you want a ton of views, but unfortunately people are not going to take you seriously and would rather question about your bra size than actually asking what kind of games you play.

    What would you even tell them? I play super mario bro's and my little ponies, OH AND I LOOOOVE PINK THINGS.

    Another thing that annoys me super much is when the girls call themselfes for gamers, WHEN THEY PLAY ON THEIR MOBILE DEVICE.
    You are not a real gamer if you play farmville on your tiny smartphone, just stop embarrassing yourself.

    I hope you women have understood the difference between gamer and farmville-player soon and that the guys will respect the other women for being real gamers

    21 may 2019 11:18 1625

    Indeed, how do I delete this btw?

    27 may 2019 12:56 1625

    The main problem with being a girl gamer is that it is easy for toxic players to use that to bully you when they decide to, because your gender is the most obvious thing about a stranger online (I'm talking about games with voice chat mainly). People who have decided to ruin Someone's day are gonna find a target no matter what - maybe you've got a weird accent, sound "qeer" or you're a woman. Thankfully, in my experience, these people are rare but when there is one it leaves a pretty bad impression and can sour your gaming experience for a long time.
    Another aspect of your topic I would like to address is how easy it is to make guy friends... but how difficult it is to keep them after they realize you're not interested in them romantically and don't want to be their "e-gf". Guys, its painfully obvious when you're sucking up to us just because we are female! If you aren't willing to think of us as just another gamer, like one of the bros, and respect us - then please don't bother to "befriend" us. We're not your cheerleaders. Gaming is as much my hobby as it is yours!
    Something I don't agree with in your post is how you're doing the same thing to other girls that you complain of a.k.a. gatekeeping. So what if someone just plays League? It's a pretty tough game to get into imo. So what if they just play mobile games? If they want to label themselves a gamer - let them! It's their own business, stay in your lane! (Sidenote: I've never actually seen anyone who Only plays mobile games call themselves a gamer.) Personally, I dislike the "tiddy streamers" and such but, hey, if it earns them a living why would they stop? The people who watch them are just as much to blame as them, but once again - it's their own free time. They can do whatever they want with it!

    Anyways, sorry for the huge block of text, i just have a lot of thoughts. Character limit saved you. This time. (JK thanks for reading till the end)

    30 may 2019 20:22 1625

    Wrote on this post once and got banned for it. I like gamer girls even less now.

    30 may 2019 20:29 1625

    @Pikatheduck you didn't get banned for writing on this post, you got banned because you spammed on a lot of posts ( this is also refered to as inapropriate behavior ).

    30 may 2019 21:10 1625

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