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    PSA - To earn EXP, don't spam - you'll lose it!

    I recently learnt that by spamming in the forums you might get the exp quick but you will lose it all because people will report you for spam, so instead make quality posts that are actually interesting than spam.

    20 may 2019 08:05 1628

    What does XP even do? I dont get it and i cant see where it says what it does anywhere.

    20 may 2019 08:45 1628

    So true, although sometimes it's hard to judge whether your post is spam or not. Are short comments always spam?

    20 may 2019 14:04 1628

    Not spamming - just posting short messages in posts also gets counted as spam for some reason 😕

    20 may 2019 15:13 1628

    oddtrans, you need XP to be able to get for example a random Steam CD key, you need level 3 in order to do so, also levekeing up to three and further will earn you soul gems

    20 may 2019 15:23 1628

    Maybe this is the reason why the experience earned is decremented.

    20 may 2019 16:49 1628

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