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    Reward prices

    I'm just wondering about the reward prices for Steam game keys. The game I want cost around 23K SGs two months ago when I first joined, but the price was lowered to 19.1K SGs when I checked a few minutes ago plus a bit discount. Will the game prices continue to be lower and lower as time goes by or will it suddenly come back to the original price or even more expensive?

    17 may 2019 08:27 1628

    I think the prices go up and down, depending on the demand. (Simple marketing principles). If I game is currently very famous it will be more expensive and vice versa.

    17 may 2019 12:28 1628

    I'm not a marketing expert, though I think that makes sense. The game was only 2 months old as a rerelease back then, so I guess the demand was still high at that time. Thanks for the reply and now I'm locking the thread as my question has been answered.

    17 may 2019 13:02 1628

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