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    What is gaming?

    This is my first article. I hope you enjoy it :) It's about gaming.

    What do you think about gaming, do you like it? Personally I enjoy gaming. It's a fun experience. I like to meet new people from all around the world!

    Gaming Gets people together to have fun or just relax when you need to. There are also competitive tournaments for the hard core gamers, who play games very well and a lot. But most of the people in the world use gaming as relaxation or for meeting new people. However there are cons for gaming. Like there are rude people, people who swear, basically all kinds of people. You shouldn't quit gaming if someone tells you that you are a noob. 

    There is also other platforms like youtube, twitter and so on. For say youtubers record themselves and post it so everyone can see it. They also get a lot of hate, but they just don't pay attention to the people who are hating on them. There are also hackers who ruin your gaming experience, but don't let that quit gaming.

    There are popular games like Fortnite, Csgo and many other games.My favourite is Fortnite I play it all the time. I also play other games because one game is boring. There are also genres like action, adventure, mmo, rpg and lots more.

    I think that you shouldn't play games all day, you should go outside, or help around the house, there are a lot of things you can do.

    However gaming is an expensive thing because you have to buy a pc, xbox, ps4 or other consoles. So you have to be sure if you are ready to take this step and enter the gaming world.

    Of course games aren't made of thin air there are programmers who make these games and platforms for us to enjoy. And some people spend money, witch support the creators. It helps them update and keep the game alive. The user also makes progress.

    Games do get addicting and sometimes people tend to spend a lot of money.Ec9OtagNS1vrkh3RbpHILDX0YPQ8zq.jpg

    There are not just games on pc and console, but also mobile games . Mobile games are very good graphics wise and are very interesting.

    So as you can see I play a lot of games not just 1 or 2. I have lots of games that I play and enjoy playing. I play those games with my friends and brother. Do you play any of those games? 

    This was my article, what I think about gaming. I have been a gamer for 3 years witch is not a lot compared to others. What do you think about gaming? Comment. Just remember play games for fun and because you like it, enjoy the moment. And don't be rude or troll others, because if people did that to you you wouldn't like it. Don't ruin other peoples gaming experience. You also have to beware of scammers, because they steal your items that who work hard for.

    I hope you enjoyed my first article :)
    I tried so hard and this took me so long. If this article does good I will make another one :) 
    Please support my work :)


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    Stop spamming or I'll keep reporting you guys.

    16 may 2019 10:21 1625

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