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    Misty, 20 january 2020 10:41

    Neverwinter Online

    Neverwinter Online was produced by Cryptic Studios and is available on PC, XBOX One and PS4. This is a MMORPG game, maintained in a high fantasy style, which focuses on cooperative elements, and the gameplay is based on the fourth season of the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. The game is distinguished by a very pleasant and thought-out combat system and interesting rules and is available for free download. Everything remains in the Forgotten Realms universe.

    Players are set in a world which has just been rebuilt after the magic plague. Neverwinter was the only land which survived the monster's attacks and widespread destruction. Unfortunately, a volcano erupts nearby and the city is falling into chaos. Dark creatures come out of the crack created in the ground. Thanks to Lord Neverember, the situation is improving, but his plans can be dramatically thwarted by darkness. As you can see, the plot is very interesting, typical of the fantasy genre. From the very beginning, it draws the players in and encourages them to delve into this story. If you are a D&D fan and fantasy is your favourite genre, this game will surely absorb you and take a lot of your free time!

    We have prepared some tips and general information for beginners. The game starts when the town begins to rebuild thanks to Lord Neverember. Of course, we must choose our character. There are different races available, each with its own original features and attributes. The character creation mode is really extensive and there is a lot to choose from, besides you can buy additional races, but it is not beneficial. Then we go to class selection. Various options are displayed - Rogue, Warrior, Wizard, Cleric and Hunter, each of them, of course, has additional skills hidden under the Shift and Tab keys. Personalization of the appearance is also available, where you choose your hairstyle, face or facial hair. Although the character creator tool does not impress, we do not have to worry about this, because our character spends most of its time in armor, hiding the face under a helmet. The creators of the game also thought about the origin of the character and faith in a specific deity. After making the choices, we go to the summary, where we give ourselves a name and the adventure begins!

    At the very beginning we take part in the tutorial, which will help us get used to the rules of the game and controls we use during fighting. The interface is mainly a health bar and skill bar, as well as a chat. There is also a map, which is very important for us and will help us find each other. In the city we will find safe areas open to everyone, where there are guild headquarters, banks, shops and where we can meet most players. The quests include combat, exploring new locations, and completing missions. We quickly notice the magical atmosphere which draws us more and more to the world of Neverwinter. The basic currency in the game is Astral Diamonds. We can get them in many different ways, including performing tasks commissioned by Captain Rhix, selling items at the auction house, by praying to the deity chosen at the beginning of the game, as well as through profession and daily tasks. If you want to be helped in battle, a great option is to buy a Companion who will be a huge help. It is also worth to find a team, or create your own team. It must contain five players, and if someone is missing, it will be replaced by artificial intelligence.

    Now let's delve into the topic of Daily Quests. These are daily tasks, which involve completing matches, skirmishes, as well as tasks of players and special tasks consisting of dungeons grinding. We receive for them Rough Diamonds, which we can then exchange for Astral Diamonds, which is the aforementioned basic currency of the game. Tasks from other players can be found in Foundry. It is a tool which allows us to create our own adventures in the world of Neverwinter. After displaying the available quests, before you start any of them, pay attention to their rating. Those with red stars mean recommended and worth doing tasks. Some of them count as a daily task, others do not. It depends on what you choose. They are all interesting and you can find really engaging adventures which will make you completely dive in the world of Neverwinter. Along with the time of the game, our interest in new tasks and the desire to improve our skills and equipment increases.

    And how does our hero develop? Well, first of all, it depends on us and the time we devote to the game and everyday tasks. We are still getting reminders which are trying to direct us to the development of our features and unlocking more if them. Of course, everything is based on Daily Quests, but our Companion will also help us leveling and avoid the threat of other players. By following the tutorial we will learn all the most necessary matters regarding our hero. What's more, a Polish language version is also available. Many players choose the English version because the game's atmosphere is preserved.

    When we talk about graphic design, of course, there will be many things which could be improved, like the previous mentioned appearance of our characters. The interface and everything we need to run the game are very clear and accessible. The disadvantages are, unfortunately, frequent fluidity problems and graphic lags, but the developers are still trying to improve it and strive for the full satisfaction of their users. It is worth remembering that this game is completely free. In many cases, you need to invest real money in the game, because some elements of the game may be almost impossible without it, but as you know, the game must somehow earn some money. There are users who only need free options.

    It is easy to collect Zens, which we receive for daily quests and other missions, so if you do not want to keep going easy, you will be able to manage a game without investing a fortune. The game has a great story which will immediately attract D&D enthusiasts and little flaws will not disappoint them.

    And how do PvP fights look like? Opinions are divided. For some, it is sufficient, because they prefer an amazing story and interesting adventures in the game. Others complain that players who pay have many more options. Unfortunately, this is true, but if you put more effort into the game, you can achieve amazing results and will be not bothered by players powered by money. The game mechanics are great. Actually the biggest fun you can get is below level 60 and it is a kind of barrier after which ordinary MMO players can feel bored. After all, it is worth delving into this world and history, as well as give your character and its skills a chance. Not every game is simple, it has been created in a specific way so that we can feel the power of D&D and Forgotten Realms. The fact that it is completely free to download should tempt everyone to at least try and assess for yourself whether we want to become part of this universe.

    Rate this article Neverwinter Online

    (4.51/5) 336 rates

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    Neverwinter is a free MMORPG that takes place in the extremely popular world of Dungeons & Dragons - and it can be seen right after the game starts! The story line is filled with actions and leads us to various places typical for Neverwinter - urban and rural areas, mountains, forests, etc.!Creation of the character is exac...


    thank you for making this amazing article I believe we all love it!

    20 february 2020 21:32

    My father used to play this game and he's OP in the game

    29 april 2020 11:38

    i started playing this game made level 20 and now started to become harder but u made do wanna try something new again with difrent class thanks you!!

    2 may 2020 22:36

    one of my favorite game

    19 april 2021 00:40

    Nice article. Game is really good but one really needs friends to play it with otherwise as with other MMORPG's one can burn out playing this alone

    21 july 2020 00:35

    sounds interesting, willing to play this game soon. i started to play today , but don't like that seems like a ripofff of another rpg type game

    17 february 2020 09:56

    I remember the PvP inbalance was what made me stop. Overall it was a good game, though.

    2 september 2020 17:35

    I cant play this game :((( bt thanks about ur article! Very nice and beautiful, i hope you make more article like that!

    4 february 2020 02:50

    Well this is a fairly hard game i cant imagine people grinding hard but i think its similar to warcraft so thats that

    24 february 2020 21:43

    Along with the time of the game, our interest in new tasks and the desire to improve our skills and equipment increases.

    22 february 2020 09:23