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    IamAndrea, 14 june 2017 09:25


    Guide to better understand and understand the main aspects of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

    Everything you find in this guide is based on my personal gaming experience, which is about 1300 competitive on the main account and nearly 400 on the secondary, for a total of over 3,000 hours of total gaming. Play for passion.

    Maccherone explanation of the most common terms.

    Aimbot: A software that automatically targets the enemy's head (or neck).
    Boost: When a player moves to bring up another player and make him reach an area that alone would not have reached.
    Cheater: a player who uses cheats, external programs, to cheat and have advantages like aimbot and wallhack (but also more sophisticated as a triggerbot).
    Defuse: De-bomb the bomb.
    Defuser: the disinfection kit.
    Drop: Leave a weapon on the ground, often used to request a teammate to buy a weapon for you have little money.
    Eco: round eco, ie you do not have to buy anything, depending on the economic conditions and other factors you sometimes get a gun (usually p250).
    Force buy: you must buy, because you are losing bad so even if you can not buy M4 or AK you have to buy (before the kevlar then the weapons, based on how much money you have)
    GG: good game, nice game, the opposite is BG, bad game.
    GH: good half, good first time, the opposite is BH, bad half.
    Long: The long part of the map, for example on Dust 2 Long is the area that, starting with terrorists, goes from the pit to the B bomb site.
    Mid: The central area, present in almost all maps, such as Dust 2, Hell or Facade.
    Rush: Go quickly to one of the bomber points or one of the hostages, running, generally with short arms like P90 or UMP. If the team is really capable of using grenades, such as flash and smoke, they can help a lot, but if it is not able it is definitely better to go straight away avoiding flashing your team and creating panic.
    Short: how long, but the short zone. On Dust 2 goes to Catwalk and Site A.
    Smokka: Use a smoke grenade to hide part of the "smoka mid we go short" map.
    Strat: Strategy, "Split A" is a very basic strat that consists, T side, going to the bomb point By dividing into two groups, some go through Short and others through Long.
    Triggerbot: Software that automatically fires a player's weapon just as he targets an enemy's head or neck.
    VAC ban: the game's elimination, received as a result of player identification as a cheater from the VAC system, Valve Anti Cheat, a program that protects many of the cheaters from the games on Steam.
    Wallhack: Cheat / Program that allows the player to see the enemies through the walls.
    You do not switch from Silver to DMG simply by reading a guide, playing a game a day, and seeing some videos, it may be for someone who might already experience similar FPS (or rather, the old CSs) or for some extremely worn For most players work differently, let's see how.

    Players who have never played an FPS will face a real wall and some of them will not even scratch it, some will give up and will never play this game again. Others who will continue to head to the wall, playing alone or with friends, trying to follow guides like this, aiming to improve one coat at a time, will be able to appreciate CS at least in part.

    CSGO is a game based on your skills, stability and speed of your internet connection and on your computer, the only, true, random factor is the teammates you will find not playing in full lobby (ie in 5 Friends), but you can also overcome this by setting up a small group of friends who play together or quietly entering one of the many CS groups you find directly here on Steam.

    Different history for those who played some FPS, history changes but not in the best, who comes from games like CoD or Battlefield will find it in front of the tough reality, a game where you can not call a helicopter that automatically kills your place, a game Where you can not break houses and where you can not use a rocket launcher to land a sniper. A SUN SKILL game.

    In addition to those who come directly from the "old" Counter Strike, the only ones who will have a bit less trouble are FPS Arena players for the simple fact that these games are based (not entirely) on skills and reflexes, With a minimum of advantage over others because they have trained reflexes and know how important it is to take into account the behavior of enemies and weapons to use at the right time

    Rate this article CS:GO

    (4.32/5) 57 rates

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    rush b do not stop my friends

    14 july 2020 06:07

    i play this game evry time evry day old but gold.

    10 august 2020 07:41

    this is very cool game and i playing this game every day 😍😍😍

    17 april 2020 14:01

    this game is so good and i play it a lot but im trying to get new knife skins but its too hard :(.

    10 july 2020 03:27

    i play cs go like evry day its so fun

    26 april 2020 13:52

    I own this game

    24 may 2020 17:36

    sadly cheaters are crawling in csgo

    1 june 2020 14:11

    Cs:Go its a really good game and idk what to say its just too good and its free :))))))

    1 june 2020 17:45

    I just started the game and it is a very difficult game

    17 march 2021 09:16

    @StEdward. no)

    i play 5k hours, 8/10 game are EU most aching players I've ever seen in my life. Because they catch tilt and begin to ruin the game and demonstrate their arrogance that they are the best (I have it all the time, they still teach you how to play when they make a lot of mistakes)

    also smurfs that the CIS and EU are very many, so I don’t know what you so moan because of them)

    Аnd believe me, cheaters in CS: GO are not only Russian, these stereotypes of yours are just awful. To begin with: there are a lot of cheaters from both the CIS and EU. Second: the stereotypes are pretty sick of it, because if you see that a person plays well, then he is cool, and when you know that he is Russian ... 90% of you will call him a smurf or a cheater and will merge the game / kick + report. Of the adequate Russians, I can only say 70% in my experience.

    27 march 2020 08:05