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    (4.57/5) 532 rates
    nevd_sudah, 13 july 2021 10:09

    CS:GO review

    I have some reviews about CS:GO and I'm not spam or plagiarism because this is my legit article 

    I have some reviews about CS:GO


    CS:GO is an fps game and I have some reviews about CS:GO

    1. about cheaters in CS:GO = CS:GO is an fps game that has million people play it on steam. I have some critics on CS:GO. CS:GO is a great game but still has many cheaters on CS:GO. CS:GO cheaters sometimes didn't get a ban. the cheaters sometimes are from Asia and others. and the anti-cheat for CS:GO is not good and not bad. cheaters in CS:GO have some types. type 1: cheaters level is 0-1. type 2: cheaters levels are 2-250 (CMIIW). the cheaters sometimes spam about the cheat in CS:GO chat. if you see some cheaters just report it. 
    2. about CS:GO update= CS:GO update is trash. because CS:GO now is pay to play. why pay to play? because CS:GO now needs prime status for a competitive match. do you want rank? buy prime status. I don't like prime status because we have to buy prime status to play competitive. but you still can play unranked on CS:GO. if you don't buy prime status you no longer get XP, Ranks, Skill Groups, item drops. if you play unranked you still play with some player who had prime status but you don't get XP.
    Ex7oNKEyMfFuLHojHt2UoGB5y9Cj5p.pngthis is the full update 

    3. about CS:GO skin =  CS:GO skins are great and beautiful. but some skins it just colors combinations like M4A4 Urban DDPAT and others. the StatTrak skins are cool for a reminder of how many kills you earn with the gun you used. the knife skins are beautiful especially karambit. I think the worse knife is gut knife. CS:GO is great for making skins.

    4. about CS:GO community = I think CS:GO community are bad. because sometimes they are toxic and bully each other. but sometimes they like to support each other and nice.

    5. about CS:GO maps = CS:GO map is sometimes good and sometimes is bad depends on the bug. sometimes when I play CS:GO the maps are bugged and it's annoying. sometimes I can't move in some maps and sometimes I can't recognize the map because sometimes the maps are too large. and sometimes the map is too small. I suggest CS:GO make another new map monthly. 

    6. about CS:GO workshop = CS:GO workshop is the best I can choose more maps. and the workshop is cool because I can play parkour and others. and the maps in CS:GO workshop are the best because I can mod everything. the workshop has a story too like a Call of duty story.

    7. about CS:GO gun and stuff = CS:GO guns are great and cool.  but sometimes CS:GO guns are expensive and the damage is small. and the guns are good and sometimes are bad too CMIIW.

    8. about CS:GO sound effect = CS:GO sounds effects are pretty good. when I was got shot I always shocked because the sound effect made me very shocked because it like get shot in real life lol.

    CS:GO total score 8,5/10

    Rate this article CS:GO review

    (4.57/5) 532 rates


    gela sini adamiani gela gela sini geslavjan zombigela zoroi gleshi

    18 october 2021 18:15

    I played the game quite a lot, I got to level 21 so I have prime, I still find a lot of cheaters which is not fun playing against, the chance of getting a decent skin is pretty much 0.01 so yeah.

    1 november 2021 11:35

    I've had a fair amount of hours put into this game. Unfortunately one thing that discouraged me was the cheaters.. Feels bad to see a game get ruined by hackers.

    4 december 2021 01:04

    If you think their update system is a trash, don't play the game then. I find it good. During their last update there were some super changes that were made :)

    21 february 2022 14:47

    Very nice and easily detailed article, been playing this game for a long time now and I agree with your opinions. :)

    10 december 2021 03:47

    guys just a tip if you like roblox and want some skins ern some soul gems and buy a skin that you want :)

    25 november 2021 18:19

    All these years passed and CSGO is still one of the best game in this genre.

    8 october 2021 14:31

    Its a great game and most popular on steam till now but the hackers and cheater are ruining it.

    15 december 2021 15:26

    However, I learned new language skills: now I can curse in Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.

    1 december 2021 21:28

    guys just a tip if you like csgo and want some skins ern some soul gems and buy a skin that you want :)

    19 august 2021 08:37