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    Is Fortnite worth playing in 2022?

    It seems that the play base is on a decline. What do you think? Will Fortnite be relevant in the next years to come?

    28 january 2022 19:44 2830

    Im not sure but it has survived this long so i dont see why not

    29 january 2022 15:58 2830

    For me the game changed alot since I started playing it. Its still being played all the time so I dont think its too late to start playing in 2022.

    29 january 2022 16:29 2830

    Check out this link for great new season content https://shrinke.me/lNs3aA

    26 march 2022 12:12 2830

    great content from Ninja and his feel around the no building this new season

    26 march 2022 12:23 2830


    26 march 2022 12:41 2830

    The game has been constantly adding new stuff so I mean, if you enjoy the game mechanics, its always worth playing. Like in the new season they added so many new cool weapons and I was a bit confused at first, as to which weapon should I use. Then I read something and it made the rankings of the weapons clear, it helped me so it might help you too.

    20 may 2022 23:10 2830

    no it got way worse then it used to be :( sadge

    21 may 2022 01:13 2830

    I do not know is it good game with secret setings and so on. Part 2 of this video. https://shrinke.me/lvL25j

    26 may 2022 11:11 2830

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