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    Hello, it's t4tsumihyaku :)

    In this thread, I'll give you the opportunity to report articles.

    I accept reports with the following reasons:

  • (Direct) Plagiarism;

  • Youtube Plagiarism;

  • Paraphrasing Plagiarism;

  • Self-Plagiarism;

  • Translation Plagiarism;

  • Source-based Plagiarism;

  • Massive spamming;

  • Including advertising links;

  • Obscenities (for example if the article contains vulgar words or pictures, consider reporting it);

  • Other (the reason has to be good enough to get your report reviewed).

  • Template:

    Link to the article: (A link to the article you want to report.)

    Reason: (Choose one of the reasons above. If you can't find an appropriate reason for your report, then choose "Other". Explain the reason briefly when choosing this one.)

    (Optional) Proof: (Evidence in the form of screenshots.)

    27 june 2020 11:40 8411

    Sorry for my interruption @DarkestTeddy. Here are two reasons of why I am doing it.

    a) Please use the template mentioned by t4tsumihyaku, if possible.
    I also was inattentive with that recently, as I looked more on posts here instead of noticing the moderator's advice, my bad.
    b) I really understand why you're being frustrated, however, as for me, what that user "borrows" from you looks like a template / basis structure more than like an actual plagiarism. I am directly related to copywriting, literature and so on, but unfortunately I cannot see real plagiarism here, except for few lines, i.e. building the article's structure. As I've learned it, it is counted as plagiarism on Gamehag if you copypaste the whole fragments, not separate short lines or terms, etc., is it?..

    Turning back to the main thread's plot. Let me please mark two articles at once (they are related to same author, subject and source) and add a little explanation in the end.

    Link to the article(s): Terraria хардмодные боссы , Terraria до хардмодные боссы .
    Reason: Plagiarism; both articles are copied from the Russian Terraria Fandom website.
    Explanation: I remember well about our previous talk about reports related to different language localizations. I followed your advice and wrote to the Russian moderator about these two articles (even mentioning the fact that these articles are on the "From users" forum), However, as I found out, there are either no ways or no well-known options to remove them. That's why I also wanted to learn whether it's really so, or there's just a need to learn how to make it. I sincerely thank you for your attention and help.

    13 august 2020 02:58 8411

    AnimationPr0 came up to me and asked me if it was ok if he was going to change everything he did in the past and started over. He gave me a link to the argario articles and he said this: https://imgur.com/a/WMNvqAy

    13 august 2020 20:59 8411

    And I get that it's techniquely fine but I don't really feel good about what he's doing to me if you know what I mean. If you look at the information I sent before (the very first message that I asked you to look through his articles), you can check the imagur links which have the screenshots of my articles and what I included in them. In the agario article, he did mostly the exact same thing as before but changed it for this game. It's most likely fine in here, but I'm just letting you know about what's happening currently. Thanks for replying btw :)

    13 august 2020 21:02 8411

    @DarkestTeddy Thank you for providing screenshots.

    > he claims that I allowed him to copy some of the parts of my articles which I didn't.

    Okay, let's take a look at the sentence above.
    In the sentence, you said that he claims that you allowed him to copy some parts of your articles, which isn't true. He said, "Btw, I thought you said that I can copy the formatting?".
    He didn't ask you if he could copy some parts of your articles.

    Let's talk about his agar.io-related article. The truth about this editorial is that it was submitted by AnimationPr0 a long time ago, but he stopped re-uploading it probably because it was getting disapproved so often (due to some private reasons). However, after some time, he decided to re-upload it, and because he didn't plagiarize last time, I decided to publish it on the forum.

    I comprehend that you don't feel so good about it.
    But the truth is that he really hasn't done anything wrong. I've been investigating this article for a long time, and it was good enough to be published.

    One of the only similarities between your articles and his submissions is that he always adds a note in which he says "This is not plagiarism or spam" which for me isn't considered plagiarism; many users put such disclaimers in their articles.

    > I'm just letting you know about what's happening currently.

    Yup, I get it. I just want to let you know that if he has done anything wrong, I would've reported him a long time ago.

    I understand that you might feel disagreeable because he copies your style of writing, and it's totally coherent.
    However, he promised that he will change his writing style and I'm sure that he will keep on his words :)

    Best regards,

    14 august 2020 15:25 8411

    @Aonb I am working on this case for a week now and the article will be removed in a couple of days. Thank you for the report, anyways :)

    15 august 2020 12:33 8411

    Thank you sincerely for allowing me to report articles from Russian localization for now!
    My today's report will touch articles made by one user; they all got on the "From users" forum. The user hasn't been active recently, however, his articles are still presented.

    Link to the article: Pubg сравнение.
    Reason: Plagiarism.
    Proof: One of the links to the original article.

    Link to the article: Conan Exiles.
    Reason: Plagiarism.
    Proof: One of the links to the original article.

    Link to the article: Обновление 6.5.
    Reason: Plagiarism.
    Proof: One of the links to the original article.

    Link to the article: Grand Theft Auto Online.
    Reason: Plagiarism.
    Proof: One of the links to the original article.

    17 august 2020 14:12 8411

    @Aonb Handled. Thanks :D

    18 august 2020 12:59 8411

    Link to the article: House Flipper.
    Reason: Plagiarism.
    Proof: Random phrase search screenshots, here and here.

    Link to the article: Guns of Icarus Online.
    Reason: Plagiarism.
    Proof: Steam review of another person made in 2015.

    18 august 2020 18:18 8411

    @Aonb Both articles will be removed soon. Thanks! :D

    19 august 2020 16:38 8411

    Article: Literally everything from (I assume now banned MrRiddick) https://gamehag.com/profile/mrriddick

    Reason: All of them are direct translated plagiarisms from a number of websites.The original articles were apparently in some slavic languages, I don't really know.

    Proof: I still have a list of articles and their source websites. Here:

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/review-shadowhand1

    Source: https://www.sk.rs/arhiva/clanak/23880/shadowhand

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/review-lego-city-undercover

    Source: https://www.sk.rs/arhiva/clanak/23571/lego-city-undercover

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/review-expeditions-viking

    Source: https://www.sk.rs/arhiva/clanak/23608/expeditions-viking

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/review-regalia-of-men-and-monarchs

    Source: https://www.sk.rs/arhiva/clanak/23607/regalia-of-men-and-monarchs

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/review-sundered

    Source: https://www.sk.rs/arhiva/clanak/23691/sundered

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/review-what-remains-of-edith-finch

    Source: https://www.sk.rs/arhiva/clanak/23616/what-remains-of-edith-finch

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/review-ancestors-legacy

    Source: https://stopgame.ru/show/99404/ancestors_legacy_review

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/review-hyrule-warriors-definitive-edition

    Source: https://stopgame.ru/show/99536/hyrule_warriors_review

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/reviewbattle-chef-brigade

    Source: https://stopgame.ru/show/96423/battle_chef_brigade_review

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/review-lego-marvel-super-heroes-2

    Source: https://stopgame.ru/show/95920/lego_marvel_super_heroes_2_review

    Article: https://gamehag.com/news/review-planet-of-the-apes-last-frontier

    Source: https://stopgame.ru/show/96123/planet_of_the_apes_last_frontier_review

    In short, everything the guy has written over the years is nothing but plagiarised content.

    20 august 2020 20:03 8411

    @dakuwanga The articles are reported to the Gamehag Team & will be deleted very soon. Thank you so much for the report :)

    23 august 2020 08:15 8411

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