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    Report Users

    Many users are seeing different users breaking the Gamehag rules, and unfortunately, there's no way they can report them (yet). However, that's going to change today.
    From now, you'll be able to notify us if somebody is breaking the Gamehag rules.

    You can report Gamehag users for these reasons:

    - Users with inappropriate profile pictures that contain vulgarity and other related.
    -If somebody is harassing you through private messages, consider reporting them here. However, you'll have to provide proof if you want the Gamehag Moderation Team to take action regarding the report.
    -Spreading advertising links on the forum & other related.

    In general, you can report any user that violates the Gamehag rules in some way.

    You can use this template:

    User: (Link to the profile)
    Reason: (The reason you're reporting them)
    Proof: (A screenshot that proves your claim)

    18 june 2020 11:17 8411

    User: Clashofclansfan
    Reason: He is not even level 3, but ordered lots of Robux - It is not obvious how he earned that amount of Soul Gems. (Not completing tasks/writing articles/...)
    Proof: ScreenShot

    25 june 2020 14:09 8411

    Thank you for your report, Sebastian50!
    I really appreciate it.

    25 june 2020 14:21 8411

    User: https://gamehag.com/profile/jaden967
    Reason: just bought lots of steam cards in a row without having that amount of money.
    Proof: https://imgur.com/a/an2wNC6

    3 july 2020 12:31 8411

    @vrach Handled.
    Thank you for the report! =)

    3 july 2020 12:56 8411

    Greetings here!
    May I please ask you, whether it is allowed to report users who seem to be bots or several pages belonging to one person? It seems that I found some pages that seems to be of this kind. Yes, the user has been absent here for some time, but unfortunately there are no indicators which may show whether the user is blocked or not.

    If it is allowed, than here it is. Sorry I cannot make short tags or bold fonts, though I would like to learn how to do it in the future.

    User: https://gamehag.com/profile/hadi_ispro , https://gamehag.com/profile/hadi_iscool , https://gamehag.com/profile/hadiazeemazeemi , https://gamehag.com/profile/subhan_ispro ;
    Reason: Several pages created by one person or bot pages;
    Proof: found suspicious comments here https://gamehag.com/forum/t/43667-assassins-creed-iv?page=9 and then looked at the general info and friends section on two of those profiles.

    17 july 2020 17:51 8411

    Hello, @Aonb! :)

    Yes, it's allowed to report such users :)
    I reported these users a long time ago and they're already suspended.
    Anyways, thank you so much for the report! :) I really appreciate it.

    Have a wonderful day!

    18 july 2020 06:14 8411

    Thank you @t4tsumihyaku !
    And here's another one.

    User: https://gamehag.com/profile/deleted_1594909029
    Reason: a spam \ bot account having an uappropriare add in it not so long ago.
    Proof: just look at the account's profile picture; there are many of similar ones emerging on Gamehag from time to time with this avatar of one quite famous model.

    P.S. Yes, I see that the account's name now is "deleted" and so on. However, it's still on the site, unlike some previous similar ones (e.g. https://gamehag.com/profile/annazoom , whish is has been removed already)

    18 july 2020 10:30 8411

    Hey, @Aonb!

    The Gamehag Moderation Team (and the Gamehag Team included) is well aware of these accounts.

    We take action against them every time they appear, so there's nothing which you have to worry about :)

    20 july 2020 09:21 8411

    I hope reporting on users from another language localization is also allowed here, as there's no similar thread or group in the Russian platform.

    User(s): https://gamehag.com/profile/mizuki0311 , https://gamehag.com/profile/malina2755555
    Reason: Multiple accounts of the same person, which is prohibited.
    Proofs: https://gamehag.com/ru/forum/t/368183---14671 (Russian thread) and her words there about having an additional account, http://prntscr.com/tnbe93 ; also a screenshot with "Hello, it's me writing from another account" post , http://prntscr.com/tnbg8h .

    23 july 2020 16:45 8411

    Handled, thanks :)

    23 july 2020 18:20 8411

    Hey, @masculinium! :D

    Yes, you can report such users since rude attitude isn't tolerated at all.
    Also, I banned this user for a day. Thank you for the report!

    24 july 2020 14:08 8411

    Thank you so much for the report, @Aonb!
    Handled =)

    25 july 2020 07:57 8411

    Handled. Thank you for the report, @masculinium!

    29 july 2020 07:18 8411

    I'll report this user to the Gamehag Team.
    Thank you for the report =)

    29 july 2020 14:08 8411

    Greetings again! :)

    User: orelgrizli
    Reason: The cost of rewards is much higher than user's general SG amount.
    Proof: Just look at user's Recent Activity and you'll notice some high priced rewards (Prepaid cards, CS:GO weapon, etc.), which cost more than he actually has (3540+ SG).

    29 july 2020 21:38 8411

    Will report it. Thanks :D

    30 july 2020 07:35 8411

    User(s): anna_0976 , anna_wolfe .
    Reason: Multiple accounts of the same person, which is prohibited.
    Proof: virtually same name, origin; Anna_0976's friend-list.

    30 july 2020 19:08 8411

    User(s): xxdeath_swagxx , jojobcanaveraljr .
    Reason: Two accounts created by one person.
    Proof: Same origin & avatar, also here .

    1 august 2020 16:43 8411

    @Aonb Handled. Thanks :D

    2 august 2020 20:19 8411

    User: Bunny333
    Reason: Spam
    Proof: https://i.imgur.com/sqXoD8U.png

    3 august 2020 21:00 8411

    @Serene47 Applied 3 days ban. Thanks :)

    4 august 2020 09:09 8411

    Greetings! I would like to clarify whether it is possible to report to users from other site localizations. I'm asking this also because the Russian localization doesn't have a similar group. If it's allowed, here's the plot:

    User: vodkus (Russian localization)
    Reason: Constant spam in the form of copying other people's comments.
    Additional information: I have been repeatedly reporting on the comments of this user during a long time, but apparently they have been mostly remained. Perhaps, his high level on the site "saves" him and does not allow moderation to see that this user is dishonest, or it's just my guess. Most of his posts are slightly modified comments of other users; he just often adds some exclamation marks, or uses only a part of the original comment, etc. Sometimes it also affects on the original comments' authors, as their comments are deleted instead of copies made by Vodkus.
    Proof: I can find really many examples of what I am talking about, but here are at least two of them. If there is a need to add more, I'll do it.
    a) Comment of Vodkus and the original comment from the Russian localized article Maid Of Sker | Классический Survival Horror ;
    b) Comment of Vodkus and the original comment from the Russian localized article GTA: San Andreas - культовая игра. .

    5 august 2020 11:32 8411

    @Aonb What a great question!

    In my opinion, it's not right to report users from other servers that have broken the rules on the forum. The reason is that there are already Russian moderators who take care of the RU forum, and I don't have the full right to intervene in their job.

    I'm a moderator on the English server, not the Russian one :/ Notwithstanding that, I will ban this user, since I can speak some basic Russian, lol.

    Note: Nope, his level doesn't really matter.
    For now, I removed all his comments because he would comment on spam threads and make invalid comments.

    Thank you for the report, I appreciate it :)

    6 august 2020 12:34 8411

    @AnimationPr0 Well, I cannot guarantee that your claims are 100% true.

    There are many ways he could get these wallets without purchasing them; for example, he could get them from chests or who knows.

    Despite everything, I'll report him to the GH team.

    Thank you so much for the report =)

    6 august 2020 12:40 8411

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