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    pubg mobile

                                                                                                                   pubg mobile

    Download PUGB Mobile Lite on your computer, then install on your PC a mobile version of the legendary game PUGB. The toy was so loved by users that the developers decided not to be limited to the computer version and quickly realized that a mobile version was simply necessary.

    It is unlikely that in the gaming community there is such a gamer who has not heard about the “battle royale” genre. The essence of the game, as in the original version, is to survive in a terrible hell, where 29 players (besides you) will do everything to destroy each other.

    Initially, all players are dropped from an airplane onto an uninhabited island, where they land at different points. Immediately after landing, the player needs to quickly find equipment and weapons to join the battle with other players.

    Immediately rushing into the thick of the battle will be reckless, because once in a meat grinder, it will be difficult to save life and get out alive and unharmed. It’s better to wait until the death of several users and only then go “hunting”.

    In addition to the fact that the player is fighting against everyone, the game itself creates obstacles for him. The safe zone is gradually narrowing - stepping over it, the player will certainly die, and narrowing the borders leads to an inevitable confrontation with the enemy. In general, in any case, you will have to be tight, and just sitting out on the outskirts will not work. Also, periodic bombing of the area will definitely not let you get bored.

    The funniest thing in the game is that there is no second attempt and resurrection. If you died in battle, you will have to leave the battle and prepare for a new round of battles, already with other users and on another map.

    Attention! All cards are created randomly. If you managed to explore the previous island, then on the new earth everything will be different and knowledge of the area will definitely not be useful to you.

    Despite the possible quick death, millions of users liked this game, and they would rather download PUGB Mobile Lite to PC than other shooters.

    As it became clear, all the action will unfold on a spacious uninhabited island, where the user has to survive. There are many buildings on the map where you can hide and find a lot of useful loot. Therefore, before landing, special attention should be paid to the landing site.

    As time passes, the area allocated for military operations will begin to decrease, which will create a lot of problems for users - a specially set timer located in the corner of the screen will constantly notify the player about imminent compression. Not having time to get out of the risk zone in time, part of the player’s health will be selected.

    To quickly move around the island, the player can use vehicles that are scattered throughout the territory. Here you can find SUVs, trucks, cars and motorbikes. But, it should be noted that not all vehicles are available for use. We'll have to look for a “working” transport.

    As for weapons, in the game it is presented in huge numbers. Each user will be able to find a "gun" to their liking and enjoy shooting enemies.

    30 may 2020 12:29 1625

    sgood information i like it, because is of war

    11 june 2020 22:55 1625

    i used to play this game but got boring very fast a nd heats up phone very fast and gets burnt hand but overall decent game.

    11 june 2020 22:59 1625

    really helpful!!!!

    12 june 2020 00:39 1625

    hate when someone sitting in a corner whole game

    13 june 2020 01:58 1625

    pubg is a good game, I like it!

    17 june 2020 05:52 1625

    lol yes

    22 june 2020 05:13 1625

    such a nice game

    22 june 2020 12:13 1625

    pubg is a really good mobile game!

    22 june 2020 12:22 1625

    im now pro yee ahh ahh ahh harder deeper ahh ahh

    8 september 2020 07:50 1625

    i love this game to play in my much time

    11 september 2020 20:26 1625

    nitially, all players are dropped from an airplane onto an uninhabited island, where they land at

    12 september 2020 03:17 1625

    pubg its cool game im like it, and one of the best shooting gamesXD

    12 september 2020 10:33 1625

    A game is overall interesting but slowly being destroyed with the ammount of cosmetics and cheaters

    12 september 2020 18:28 1625

    interesting game ..I have evere played in my life...

    12 september 2020 21:15 1625

    Am i only one who doesnt like pubg

    13 september 2020 00:31 1625

    pubg is a good game like your article

    13 september 2020 00:53 1625

    hi mayname is marley corse

    13 september 2020 08:00 1625

    i used to play this game but got boring very fast a nd heats up phone very fast and gets burnt hand but overall decent game.

    13 september 2020 09:51 1625

    Pubg on mobile is honestly pretty bad. Or any FPS on a smartphone for that matter.

    13 september 2020 12:17 1625

    i liked this post.

    15 september 2020 03:58 1625


    15 september 2020 05:42 1625

    the game is so big now that i can't even play it on my mobile now :(

    15 september 2020 11:29 1625

    PUBGM banned

    15 september 2020 11:43 1625

    like this game

    15 september 2020 12:06 1625

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