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    Frostpunk is a real-time strategy game which presents many survival elements. There is even an idea of creating a new game genre, the so-called society survival. The plot of the game shows an alternative world of the nineteenth century - the new ice age. A small group of survivors is trying to find themselves in the new reality. They have to find shelter near the steam heat generator. The Rifts is an add-on to the Frostpunk game. It allows you to use a new map adapted to the Infinity mode. The map presents a big challenge for the player. The area is full of eponymous rifts and you have to work a bit to develop.

    Frostpunk - The Rifts DLC is an award that can be obtained by exchanging Soul Gems.

    Frostpunk - The Rifts DLC bg

    Frostpunk - The Rifts DLC

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    Frostpunk takes the player to an alternate reality in the nineteenth century. There is a new ice age on Earth. A handful of survivors must adapt to the new reality. They are looking for a shelter near a steam heat generator. They also have to fight for survival. The game is a real-time strategy and contains a lot of survival elements.

    The Rifts is a DLC for Frostpunk. It introduces a new map to the Infinity mode. The map presents many challenges for the player, the terrain is full of the eponymous rifts.

    If you want to try your hand at Frostpunk - The Rifts DLC, exchange your Soul Gems for this award now!