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    Fallout 76 PC EUROPE (Bethesda) bg

    Recebe Fallout 76 | Europe totalmente grátis!

    Fallout 76 is a survival RPG, set in an open post-apocalyptic world. Compared to the previous games in the series - Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 - the creators focused more on the elements of survival and crafting, limiting the plot. Game was produced by studio Bethesda, known among from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

    Fallout 76 | Europe bg

    Fallout 76 | Europe

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    Free key to Fallout 76.

    Fallout 76 is a multiplayer survival game created in the universe of the famous postapo series. Once again, we will become one of the survivors from the Vaults (huge anti-nuclear shelters that saved the remnants of humanity from nuclear war).

    Our facility is Vault 76, not much different from other Vault-Tec units. According to the original plan of the corporation, residents want to rebuild the United States, 25 years after the nuclear war.

    Our goal in the game will be to travel the sandbox world in order to find places suitable for re-settlement.

    The mechanics of Fallout 76 are mainly focused on multiplayer online gaming, so all the characters we encounter are directed by other players. And although, due to the extensive construction of the world, such meetings do not happen often, there is a risk of confrontation with an unfavorable user. Of course, we can also use these meetings by establishing cooperation with other players.

    Compared to the previous game in the universe, which is Fallout 4, the developers have made many improvements, among other things: the game engine, rendering module - making the game even more enjoyable.

    Do not wait, grab the free Fallout 76 key and let yourself explorre the post-apocalyptic world.