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    [WOT] World of Tanks review
    "World of Tanks Blitz combines war and strategy, in which the player is called upon to play a tank pilot in order to win a battle in which several competitors will have to compete. Allow to see in detail the course of the affronts including the damages afflicted by each one.



    Library: the game offers more than 90 war cars that the player can fly. It should be noted that it is essential that he successfully complete the missions entrusted to him so that he can unblock certain vehicles. The latter are classified according to different characteristics in which light, heavy and hunting tanks can be distinguished.

    Combat System: World of Tanks Blitz includes a total of 8 arenas that will allow the gamer to improve his skills in piloting different vehicles.In each of them, it will have to fight enemies and the level ofdifficulty will grow according to the stage of the game to which it is. He will be called upon to be agile and to use a good strategy of attack in order not to be eliminated.

    Help: to facilitate the assimilation of the player to the operation of the game and the manipulations, several tutorials are offered to him in the menu at the start. The range of tank shots will be available with the level of damage they can inflict. There are also the different belligerent countries of this war as well as the classification of the tanks proposed.


    It is possible to invite other players to participate in the same campaign via a connection.

    The download of World of Tanks Blitz is completely free.

    A chat option allows belligerents to chat during the game.


    No special mention to make.

    I give for this game 8/10

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    World of Tanks

    World of Tanks is an online MMO game which allows players to take part of huge tank battles. A very important aspect of the game is the ability of cooperation since the victory depends not only on you, but also on an entire party of allied tanks! It isn’t only a typical shooter, but in addition to that, a strategic ga...

    PsiClone avatar
    16 august 2017 13:29

    Free to play game what else do you want...cant complain !!!thnx

    zolko2016 avatar
    19 august 2017 12:46

    good game!

    moozygamer avatar
    20 august 2017 06:50

    Primo Victoria!

    hasan_emad avatar
    20 august 2017 07:48

    nice article

    ShoeLance avatar
    22 august 2017 16:58

    really fun

    mollo avatar
    24 august 2017 00:37

    good post

    Iulo avatar
    27 august 2017 14:06

    The best free-to-play game

    ernestoblancas1 avatar
    27 august 2017 23:19

    rlly fun

    kung_kaya_ko_lang avatar
    22 october 2017 16:27


    untouchableburak avatar
    23 november 2017 17:15