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    (4.73/5) 11 rates
    blank4, 24 september 2018 15:35


    Ok it’s not that this game is not that popular, that it needs review but just in case there are people out there that hasn’t heard or knows about this game. Making review of games I play is my hobby, and hey you might like it.

    How could you start a review without knowing the reason behind the name of the game right? Well the name was about a sword in a medieval era that was been corrupted by an evil spirit due to being soaked by so many blood of different warrior in an endless battle. Algol known as the Hero King is the only one that can wield it without being possessed by the evil spirit has a son was jealous that his father can wield that sword. Algol son tried to wield the sword and in the process become possessed by the spirit. Algol destroy the sword and kill his son. In grief Algol sacrificed himself to create a sword by the help of a cult and named it “Soul Calibur”.

    The game dated back from 1995, yeah the game is a has legacy of 23 years, with 6 Main Installment, 4 Spin-Off, Book, Sound Tracks, Traditional games, Film adaptation, and an upcoming 7th Main Installment. You could probably tell that this game is awesome if it has a legacy of that length having more fans every installment. 

    The game Title from the main installment doesn’t really start from SoulCalibur it was Soul Edge. The latest release of the main installment ‘SoulCalibur V’ was released on 2014 of May and the upcoming 7th installment was announced in 2017.


    I won’t talk about the specific in all installment of the game because it will take a while so I decide to just focus on the basic functionality of the game. The game is about 1 vs 1 3 Dimensional Fight Match in an Ring or Arena, the ring can have different shape not just a square or circle form so players can select different arena not just the background of the arena. The match is decide until one player is K.O.ed or one is Kicked Out of the ring also known as Ring Out.


    • Vertical Weapon Aligned Attack
    • Horizontal Weapon Aligned Attack
    • Kick
    • Guard

    I don’t really need to explain because these attacks are self-explanatory right?


    • Brave Edge – attack same power attacked after filling up Critical Gauge.
    • Critical Finish – finishing moves
    • Quick Step – fast movement to in circle and opponent
    • Weapon Strip – disarms an opponent
    • Critical Edge – an over powered attack after filling up and Critical Gauge.
    • Combos – attack combination (vary from different character)

    This is just the small part of the attacks in SoulCalibur gameplay because the game changes every main installment you may find this advance attacks in the installment you might play or not because they change the attack name or the rules that apply to active the attack. Also this attack also has cooldowns so you can’t spam these attacks rampantly.

    Now the characters of this game changes every installment like SoulCalibur 2nd installment have 10 characters you can choose while the 3rd installment only have 6 characters that are all new. You might say that the game would really be boring soon after playing awhile have small amount of character, you’ll have to repetitively play the same character over and over which is boring, but you’re so wrong the every character his against with changes drastically making every hero fight differently depending on what character they faces.


    • Sophistia – The Beautiful Angelic faced Warrior
    • Misturugi – The Bad-Ass Samurai
    • Siegfried – Maybe the franchise main character this is an Over powered Knight
    • Nightmare – Siegfried’s rival a dark powerful Warrior.
    • Ivy – The Fierce and Seductive Warrior
    • Voldo – I call this character the Creepy Grim Ripper

    There are a lot more characters but just like I said that the characters changes every installment, so you might have the chance to play this character or not, depending on the installment you play.

    Hope you enjoy the review, if you never played the game I highly recommend you to try it. I guess that’s it for me. See you next article.



    Rate this article SOULCALIBUR SERIES: REVIEW

    (4.73/5) 11 rates


    First time hear about Soulcalibur fighting. Lol)

    5 september 2019 11:53


    2 march 2019 23:03