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    Vaaren, 25 december 2018 08:09

    Smash Ultimate: Final Fantasy Character Wishlist

      I remember when Cloud was announced as a DLC character for Super Smash Brothers. It was an announcement that greatly surprised me. I thought it would be impossible to get a Final Fantasy character in Smash! But now that I know it is possible I want more of them. This list shows some Final Fantasy characters that would make a great addition to the Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate Roster. With dozens of titles and hundreds of characters the options are nearly limitless.


    Sephiroth Portrait

       I'll just get the most obvious entry out of the way first. Sephiroth is the most iconic villain in Final Fantasy history, period. And if there is one villain that deserves a place in the roster it is Sephiroth. In fact his status as Cloud Strife's arch nemesis further helps his case of being added to the roster. 
       Sephiroth wields a hilariously long sword is the strongest individual in the Final Fantasy 7 universe.  His sword Masamune is estimated to be seven feet long. Now to make the character balanced the range would have to be adjusted a bit. But allowing the one winged angel into Smash would probably be the most hyped addition in the history of the game. Keep in mind that inclusion of his character would mean the inclusion of his theme song. Just imagine fighting to Sephiroth's theme as he swipes enemies across the stage and dashes across with his singular wing. If that doesn't get your blood pumping I'm not sure what will.
      But maybe you are a Final Fantasy hipster, in that case I have someone you might enjoy.

    Kefka Palazzo

       This creepy clown is the antagonist of Final Fantasy 6. Those who have played all of the Final Fantasy games tend to either like Final Fantasy 9 or 6 the most. And if Final Fantasy 6 was your favorite a big reason was probably Kefka Palazzo. Kefka is one of the few Final Fantasy villains to be loud an unpredictable. Kefka would kill anyone around him on a whim. And after committing his devious deeds he will laugh in pleasure of what he has done. In fact he even had the protagonist Terra burn 50 of his own soldiers alive to test the effectiveness of his mind-control.
      This psychopath could really shake up the roster while introducing a character from a lesser know Final Fantasy game. While the sixth entry is considered among the best it pales in popularity when compared to games like FFVII and FFX. 
       Kefka is a former Court Mage, and the eventual God of Magic and relies on magic for most of his power. His move-set could showcase the magic of Final Fantasy while still showing his cruel side and his iconic maniacal laugh.

    Terra Branford

    Image result for terra ff6

       Terra is a fan favorite protagonist of Final Fantasy VI. She is half human and half magical being. In the world of Final Fantasy VI she is one of the very few humans who can use magic naturally. She is a competent sword user and an advanced magic user. Terra has the ability to transform into her "Esper" form in which her physical capabilities are greatly improved.
      Terra is the first female central character and she did not follow the tropes of the typical female lead. Her growth into her own person and her character development throughout her game made her revolutionary in the game world. Her introduction was necessary for characters like Yuna and Lightning in the future Final Fantasy titles.
      Robin is a character currently in Smash who has a great balance of swordsmanship and magic attacks. Terra's fire magic and her sword skills could make her a close to mid range character. And in her Esper form she could be a fast melee character who relied mainly on her fists to take out the competition. And by golly, would I like to see her Esper form in Smash, because that is one cool transformation. 

    Image result for terra esper ff6
       Terra's Esper Form


    Image result for Lightning FF

    Now I am probably going to get some eye-rolls for including Lightning in this list but I'm gonna do it anyway. Lightning is the main protagonist of the highly vilified Final Fantasy XIII. Originally Lightning uses Gun-blades to take down her enemies but as she grows more powerful she changes to a sword and shield. Lightning's story is one of the most convoluted and complicated stories in all of Final Fantasy, and even after playing all three games I don't fully understand it. 
      What I do know is that Lightning is the most powerful Final Fantasy protagonist to ever exist. She has over 500 years of fighting experience. Lightning goes from elite soldier, to a god's combat representative, to a god slayer. That's right, she killed her universe's god.
       Lightning's move set could revolve around her combat in the third installment "Lightning Returns".  With acrobatics, swords play and defensive capability she could be a well rounded character. And with her iconic ally Odin by her side she could have her own unique spin on her kit.

    Vincent Valentine

    Image result for vincent valentine

         Vincent Valentine is the edge-lord that everyone loves. Characters like Auron, Shadow, Squall, and Vincent all blast through their enemies with style. And their rough exterior hides a lovable self sacrificing individual ready to Smash. Vincent is an immortal being who was experimented on by the scientist Hojo, who was also responsible for Sephiroth. Vincent is immensely powerful and when he has control over his inner demon "Chaos" he is a force to be reckoned with. Even without that power Vincent is one of the strongest characters in his universe.
        Unlike the majority of fighters on this list Vincent fights using handguns and his artificial arm. He is a mid range character that shoots down his enemies and smacks away any enemies with his arm. If enemies push him hard enough he unleashes his inner demon. And he also has the ability to imbue materia "magic" into his attacks. Within his standalone game "Dirge of Cerberus" Vincent augments his bullets to deal with his foes. 


    Related image

    Rikku is a supporting character in Final Fantasy X and X-2. She is an bubbly, caring upbeat girl who has a personality that largely contrasts with the rest of her party members. Final Fantasy X probably has some of the most serious stoic characters, so Rikku really stands out as an individual. She is the cousin of one of the main characters Yuna and always seeks her best interests.
      When it comes to combat Rikku is of the thief class. She wields dual blades that she quickly uses to dismantle her enemies. Her defining combat qualities include her speed and her affinity for alchemy. Rikku can combine items on the fly to create new weapons perfect for the occasion. Having her as a light fast character with items that can change on the fly would allow her to be true to her identity and distinguish herself from the rest of the cast. 

    Rate this article Smash Ultimate: Final Fantasy Character Wishlist

    (4.74/5) 19 rates



    27 december 2018 23:42

    good work

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    nice work

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    the graphic design is good

    27 december 2018 19:10

    I want to play this game.

    27 december 2018 19:09

    Great work as always pal.
    Gotta admit, would like more FF characters on smash, even as assist trophies.

    25 december 2018 23:10

    my god! that chinese guy @lmf3 is spamming everywhere! he translates others comments on the same article >_<
    I enjoyed the article btw

    27 december 2018 03:48

    Well presented good organization
    Keep going and improving

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    great work

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    Nice work . Great work as always pal.👏👏👏👏👏👏

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