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    (4.53/5) 40 rates
    sejozmaj, 1 june 2018 21:22

    Rewiev of the Detroit: Become Human

    Detroit: Become Human is the new dramatic adventure of Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain. Like these games, Detroit brings a twisted story in which a player's decisions influence the course of action. The action adjusts to these decisions, so if one of the three game characters dies, the story continues without it. Detroit is played from the third person, exclusively in singleplayer.

    The game already surprised me in the main menu. Detroit is using a trick in the beginning to simulate artificial intelligence, and then puts androids that are known to be real-time. When I played the game Friday night, the Android hacked me out to make it a great way to start a weekend. Tomorrow morning he asked me if I was sleeping because he noticed I was playing until late at night. This trick is only used outside of the main gameplay so you do not have to be scared that Detroit will be sent to you on psychiatry with constant punctures of the fourth wall. But these things definitely emphasize the power of interactivity in video games. And without worry, I have not just spoiled you - you will find out how all this fits in or does not fit into a complete story.

    And the story as a whole is exceptionally good. He was bestowed by the intrigue Quantic Dream had done with Heavy Rain. We do not wonder who the killer is, but why androids in Detroit become offenders who attack their human owners.
    The cause is clear from the first one because the Androids in Detroit are the most slavish. But there is a mysterious link in the spread of rebellion, one that we have to discover with Connor, a detective who is also android, just more advanced than the others. On the other hand, we see the rebellion through the stories of Markus and Kare, the Androids who testify to the various types of injustice in society. Each of these three game features is specific to their situation, role and belief, and each of them in the middle of the story can be killed. For some, death is only a temporary failure, but for some it is a lasting consequence.

    The second adut of this story is its branching. Almost every chapter can end up in at least two different ways, which is not new to the games of this developer. The difference is that in Detroit, storing the story transparently. At any time, you can pause the game and study the flowchart to see which action led to the outcome. Of course, you can completely disregard the diagram, but its transparency is mostly useful because you can see how many different endings you can get in the redraw.

    Often it happens that in such games decisions of the players in the end do not have weight, that is, the last choice is decisive, whereas before it is usually a crown. In Detroit this is not the case because the choices here are unlocked consistently or cumulatively. There are important decisions in the game that change the course of action. But to make these decisions at all, you have to unlock them first through a series of minor interactions.

    For example, someone kills you and you are in shock (I was very much), you want to return to that scene and make different choices to make your character survive. Detroit gives you this capability, but some things can not be prevented or changed in just one chapter. If I have a bad relationship with a certain character in the previous chapters, the chapter in the current chapter will be locked out of the ability to finish the scene differently.

    Gameplay in this game is largely reduced to the already mentioned decision-making through dialogs or QTE sequences. But Detroit is not a game where there is only talking. There are also actions in the pursuit of these crisis situations in which you run the race over time. None of this is particularly new to Quantic Dream games, but it is very well done. One of the scenes in the game is, for example, equal to the action sequences in Uncharted.

    Gameplay in Detroit has no puzzles as such because most of them are based on finding a particular point or subject for interaction. There is therefore no need to combine more things at different places, etc. Sometimes, however, it rewards good perception, but in this analytic mode you have the option to rewrite events so that nothing matters in essence can not be promoted and you always know how many traces you should find. The best "riddles" are the ones that you handle under the countdown, although you can pause the countdown by pressing the R2 button to show you where to go and what to do.

    Detroit: Become Human is ultimately the most demanding game player in the development of Quantic Dream. Since in almost two decades of existence he did not play games of other genres, in Detroit are known the quality and the defect of their work. The story is valuable to multiple crossings, and the presentation is close to the top. But, on the other hand, the control system has irritating design decisions, and gameplay in essence does not represent anything we have not seen in Heavy Rain eight years ago.

    If you are David Cage's and team's fans, then you can relax because this is certainly their best game to date. They will not break you up and make you wonder what it is that makes you man, not machine; but it will offer you a range of scenes and choices that will engage you in memory. So for Detroit we give a recommendation provided you know in advance what type of game you are waiting for here.

    Rate this article Rewiev of the Detroit: Become Human

    (4.53/5) 40 rates


    Awesome game but i cant run :(

    17 june 2018 13:29

    this article is a good i dea for ever and good spwan .

    3 december 2019 08:57

    The game sounds really great. Can't wait to play it

    23 june 2018 09:12

    "rewiev" Don't you mean review?

    8 june 2018 22:05

    I beat it

    3 july 2018 15:31

    Nice article bro

    20 june 2018 20:26

    This game is truly the best, I love it.
    I love the concept of androids, Heck! I even roleplay as them sometimes.
    Detroit: BH will stay in my heart forever

    9 february 2020 20:18

    Nice graphics

    12 june 2018 04:45

    This is definitely my Game of the Year. I'm glad that I pre-order the collector's edition before the releasing date. The artbook and the soundtracks are best too.

    4 july 2018 13:09

    Hikayesi baya guzel

    6 june 2018 16:50