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    (4.54/5) 13 rates
    MrRiddick, 2 november 2018 11:53

    Review:Striker’s Edge

    The hyperproduction of the pixel art indie title is not an indication. Whether it's a matter of simplicity or a great deal of nostalgia that has been accumulating for years in the developer's heart, we'll probably never know. The game that comes from Fun Punch is a dodgeball arena that puts emphasis on PvP fury puzzles.

    Whoever is familiar with the concept of such games can already, watching the screenshots of the game, conclude what it is about. The game supports a dozen different folders. Each of them is in some way cut across the middle and divided into the left and right fields, by which the characters of the opposing teams move. Your goal is to throw off the enemy, by throwing missiles (in the form of darts, arrows, axes, and so on) from one end of the map to another, hitting your opponent until you lower your scale to zero. Similar to the legendary Street Fighter, The winner is the one who first enters the two victories (with the remark that the party is possible and remade in very rare cases). The game tests the reflexes of players, their skills in moving and avoiding missiles, as well as the prediction of the trajectory of the opponent's movement. In addition to all this, due to the very fast dynamics of the game and the inability to pass through the game without mistakes, the nerve will be thrown into a serious test, which will surely loosen you in times when you start to blur from one obvious mistake to another.

    The complexity of the command is minimized (which is expected and even desirable when this type of game is concerned). To navigate through the map, you will use the standard cursor keys, the left mouse button will throw missiles, while you will use the right to lift the block. In addition, you will use one key for a specific dash, which will avoid rival missiles, as well as another key to initiate the so-called 'specialty', which is unique to each of the eight heroes present in the game. Each of the folders has something unique to make the game more interesting and prevent the constant use of the same tactics and strategy of positioning and moving. This is really great because it prevents boredom from developing a single pattern in the game by which they can reach victory and persistently pushing the same tactics (remember only the time when the local kids chose Liu Kang at Mortal Kombat and applied the memorable combination of bicycle kick and a dragon of fire, which was almost impossible to defend). In Striker's Edge this is not possible because on a map that simulates the deck of the ship will constantly lose balance due to the instability of the deck, in the forest will appear bars that will make the soil slippery, while on the snow and ice-bound map there will be a permanent danger of glacier that can fall on your head.

    The game suffers from insufficient content, and this may be the main reason for the poor interest in this title. A single player mode is implemented as a storming campaign that takes you through three or four fights through the maximally clichéed stories that are hidden behind each hero individually. Indeed, the entire lore games and background of each Junos are thin to the point that it is unacceptable for today's toys standards, although this is a game that is not and should not be focused on any story. Briefings that precede campaigns appear to have been written by a semi-interested gymnasium for a homework assignment. Thus, we have an elephant that is fighting against the rest of the living, irritated by the way they go towards the forest, the waltz, which goes into the ultimate revenge against the traitor of the empire, etc. Voice-over does not exist, and in the game, there are only eight heroes, so the dilemma is posed why there are no voices for such a little hero or why, if they do not already have voices, the hero has no more.

    This is a title that can be interesting for moments. By itself, the game is interesting and with a few extras (inserting power-ups during the match, for example) has the potential to be even better. The game is ideal for those who at any time have someone to twist their spears into the so-called hot seat mode. However, too much scarce content, as well as various bugs, are the obvious reasons why Striker's Edge is not and probably will not live. The current price of the title is 15 Euros, and for this money, there are at least fifty other games I would rather purchase.


    Rate this article Review:Striker’s Edge

    (4.54/5) 13 rates


    I can't believe i've never seen this game, it looks so gorgeous!!
    Really great article, approved!

    2 november 2018 21:19

    not bad

    15 april 2019 07:24

    Congratz! It's nice to see an article you rated be publishedYou earned it!

    9 november 2018 07:57