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    (5/5) 2 ratings
    Mrdox, 12 january 2018 16:06

    ReView Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    In 2014, we returned to the series of games from the perspective of the first person Wolfenstein Robot for the series, which is the mother of this type of games and provided with the level of distinctive and wonderful drawings on the current generation of domestic devices and now three years back to us in the series supplemented by Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and returns with it The fierce and savage hero BJ Blazkowicz to eliminate more nazes.

    The story of the game begins by giving you a quick reminder of the events of the first part. The events start after the end of the first part in five months, where Blazkowicz wake up after these five months after being seriously injured, he would have found his life to find that the submarine that was controlled by his friends from the resistance under the attack of the Nazis, You begin to move on to the next step in the fight against the Nazis to go to the United States of America to liberate them from the Nazis and make them the cornerstone of your plan to liberate the world is more complete than this unjust rule.

    Blazkowicz discovers that he has two children on the way, giving him a stronger motivation to complete the tiring war against the regime that has taken control of the world and meet many new faces that will join the resistance to wage a new war. The story clips are depicted in cinematic form as with the previous part and the story is not as deep It is expected from the arcade-style genre games but the narrative is fun and a little funny with a bunch of black jokes here and there.

    The game offers amazing graphics and beautiful with accurate details of the environment and attention to the various visual effects while taking care of lighting and shadows and other elements and the game works at 60 frames most of the time with a slight drop in the tires amid the battles in which the screen is full of enemies does not affect the experience and may not notice when you merge With the battle you are waging.

    The melodies in the game come from the creator Mick Gordon, who gave us the tunes in the first part and in the ribot DOOM games and his work here is no less than his work in the past games where you get the distinctive and enthusiastic tunes when you enter the main fighting areas where the environment is filled around you with enemies of all kinds and hear this The tunes that put you in the atmosphere of fighting and push you to destroy your enemies with all ferocity.

    The system of play is the same from the first part with some modifications where you can carry two weapons at the same time without the requirement of being of the same type through the use of the quick selection wheel and this time you will use the ax instead of the knife to do the knockout which became more fierce and more violent, at a certain point From the experience you will be able to choose between 3 specific additions to your personality that will affect the way you play the game in the coming stages.

    You can choose the ability to dash through the walls, which will enable you to rush through enemies as well. You will be able to choose the ability to shrink in a limited way to hide in very narrow areas or use them to move from one place to another or waiting for one of the opponents to approach you and then hit him with a judge attack and finally you have the ability On high jumps that give you strategic advantage during combat with the ability to reach high places and alternate pathways.

    The experience of the game follows the same philosophy of the first part to go to the classic correction games and the experience is very similar to the first part except the additional mechanics mentioned in the previous lines and although it does not make much change, but it is still an exciting and entertaining experience and will perform two or three distinct tasks as a vehicle mechanisms Enemies or mobility in a wheelchair at the beginning of the game and will offer a lot of challenges in different missions and experience in one of the stages of the high difficulty will present the challenge required for those who wish to review his skills.

    The game offers a set of additional side missions that you can detect by using the Enigma Code symbols that appeared in the previous section and this time you will collect them from the leaders of the Nazis you are killing them and then you will play a mini game to decipher the code and discover the place of the other leaders to eliminate them and the side missions You have the same number of hours as your basic story and perhaps a little more.

    You will also be able to collect several development to develop your weapons and you will be able to collect some of the side contents such as artistic designs for environments and personalities, as well as sound tracks that mimic the classical music issued in the time period of the events of the game and other things directed to fans of compilation.

    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus may not offer much of a difference from the previous version but the distinctive graphics with melodies and frantic confrontations keep it a unique and recommended experience for fans of shooting games

    Rate this article ReView Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    (5/5) 2 ratings


    This game looks fun.

    20 june 2018 01:46