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    (4.85/5) 13 rates
    Gamer_run, 11 december 2018 19:39

    Review with Visty > Nidhogg 2

    Nidhogg 2


    Nidhogg is a two dimensional fighting game. The first version of the game formed in the form of a student project created a fun and entertaining game with the use of simple and monochrome pixel arts graphics + a set of fighting rules. The second version of the game in terms of gameplay is like the first version , but in terms of graphics and design stages have changed a lot.

    Nidhogg 2 is a title which its main focus is on the multiplayer and competitive side , but for the familiarity of the players with the environments and rules of the game , a single player section is also considered. The player's goal in Niddhog 2 is to beat the opponent in a duel and go through the environments ahead to find Niddhog and be swallowed up by this creature! In fact , the philosophy of this action lies in Norse's legends , Nidhogg is a dragon that feeds from the root of the Yggdrasil tree [The holy tree that links the Norse worlds] , and each of the two opponents who can find this creature soon and swallowed up with it entered Valhalla to fight alongside Odin in the final battle of Ragnarok.

    Each of the twelve Nidhogg 2 stages consists of seven parts. There is a middle ground in which the fight begins , and on both sides of the region there are three parts that each of the fighters must reach the end of these three parts.



    Each time you defeat your opponent , you will encounter him again in a few seconds , and you must defeat him again or run away from him. The first version of the game only allowed players to fight with the simple sword and punch , but in this version new weapons such as a Little dagger , Knight's sword and the Bow were added to the game. Fighting weapons is done in three high , middle and low positions. You need to accurately predict your opponent's moves.

    • The dagger has a higher speed than other weapons , but it has a smaller range than swords.
    • The knight's sword has the ability to disarm the opponent , but the speed of the moves is low.
    • The Bow has the highest range and you can throw unlimited numbers of arrows at any distance to the opponent , but you have pay more attention to use this weapon because the opponent is able to bring the arrows thrown back to you.

    Adding new weapons , while adding to the variation of the game , has also caused the game's balance to be badly eroded , because after each passing time , randomly a different weapon appear in the hands of the player and the power of some weapons is much more than the others and this can damage the gameplay balance.


    Fighting weapons is not the only fighting face in Nidhogg 2 , for example you can throw your weapon against an opponent to prevent him from escaping. In this case , if you do not have a weapon near you , you have to rely on your punch and kick to fight the opponent. Jump jumping , rising from the edges , wall jumping , and passing through the opponent's foot are among the movements that you must learn if you want to be the master of fights. In the previous version , the environments were mostly simple and medieval , but in this version we see a whole new environment , from the rainbow path to the meat grinder and the sewer!

    Online Section

    The online part of the first edition was criticized for its poor performance and excessive bugs , so the makers overcame most of the bugs by rewriting the net codes. In addition , many options , such as increasing the input Lag , help to make the fights so better. Niddhog 2 also includes a 8 person tournament , with eight players in four groups of two , and they have to fight two vs two, ultimately winners will face winners and losers will face losers for their fights , to identify top players.


    Nidhogg 2 is not a big change over the first version , but it certainly has made a lot of progress. After seeing the depth and diversity of Nidhogg 2 , it is hard to get back to the first version. The theme of this version also added a new , funny and somewhat weird experience to the game. It can be said that Nidhogg 2 is one of those games that is more suitable for friendly and family gatherings , and thanks to the simple rules that it contains , anyone can easily play the game and enjoy from playing it.

    Rate this article Review with Visty > Nidhogg 2

    (4.85/5) 13 rates


    I hope good

    13 december 2018 19:04

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    Love it! The article is well-written!

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    Wow, I hadn't seen anything about Nidhogg 2 until now; what a huge change of artstyle.

    Amazing article as always Visty 😁

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    Visty does it great like always

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    nice article

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    well, i hope you will be approved

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