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    (1/5) 2 ratings
    sozqq, 5 march 2018 19:19

    Review: Cyto

    Meditative puzzles on mobile phones for a long time do not cause a sacred flutter in a man who has penned a dollar or two to buy in the corresponding "market." This soothing music, these pastel colors, these incomprehensible substances that are subject to the touch of our fingers ... Right, such a meager set today will not surprise anyone. But there is also a category of developers whose representatives believe that it is their game that will break the sales charts, in parallel, breaking the brain to sophisticated aesthetes and snobs. Ukrainians from Room 8, along with their debut Cyto, are the same.

    The game is relaxing, do not argue. A small ball called Tsito (the developers insist that in the transcribed version it sounds exactly like this), squirming from sphere to sphere, maneuvering in the streams of air and stretching his jelly-like body to an incredible length, tries to entertain us and seem extremely sweet. Outwardly very similar to a droplet of paraffin from the lava lamp, Cito crawls across the screen, being under the strict guidance of the player. The kid says something about the lost pieces of his memory, which we just need to restore. 

    The whole gameplay boils down to the following. A small jelly jumps from sphere to sphere, clinging to their contact, so to speak, places, slides, stretches and collects "memories" in the form of tiny clouds. Actually, that's all. Of course,Room 8 came up with a lot of tests for dexterity and knowledge of the elementary laws of physics. True, any player who saw Cut the Rope and, sorry, Angry Birds , communication with Cyto will not cause delights. Techniques with liquids, gels and flirting with physics - we've seen it all. Slightly in another form, but seen. When a clear understanding of this circumstance arises in the head, all the magic of Cytomiraculously disappears.

    The last convincing argument in favor of the judgment of the absolute "non-genius" of the game is the behavior of the developers (and more precisely, the PR department) on the Web. Try to google the name. Every second link is the story of the authors about how they "went to success" and what it cost them. Sleek debut is good. It is important. But more importantly - do not get carried away and continue to work on yourself, releasing further excellent games.
    We will not thicken the paints. Cyto is by no means a bad game. This is a good puzzle game with nice graphics, soothing music and the main character who can sweetly yawn to the public. Just do not expect from this crumb of fresh ideas, innovative gameplay and ingenious levels. It will all be another time. Probably.

    Fun game to activate ur brain a bit lets say music is amazing.  The game is great.. Yes, terribly similar to Osmos with a small admixture of Spore. But it really relaxes :) so if u have a stressed day this could be nice way to relax.

    Rate: 8/10

    Rate this article Review: Cyto

    (1/5) 2 ratings


    Angry Birds ,

    8 march 2018 12:33

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    29 may 2018 21:39

    cyto not crypto.... These days these miners urh!

    8 march 2018 08:20

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    7 march 2018 18:54