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    (5/5) 4 ratings
    Mrdox, 28 november 2017 12:55

    Review: Batman Arkham Asylum

    In the peaceful city of Gotham, where people live in love and harmony, in that charming city, the quiet nights show a class of criminals who have begun to pollute that city, turning upside down and becoming a swamp that has been taken over by that category of society. They are the criminals they own A desire to sabotage and spread corruption throughout the city, headed by "Joker," which is the focus of corruption in Gotham. Those who have the ability to eradicate all these germs from the city of Gotham ... The Batman man returns in a thrilling and thrilling adventure with the first release on the current profile, which Rockstady can offer in a game derived from a popular storytelling storytelling world , You have encountered Batman: Arkham Asylum the same fate of the games quoted from the storyboards "failure", either it is considered the beginning of "revolution" in this type of games! All of this we will know in this detailed review of this game from GameMaster

    This game can be a "linear" adventure game or an "open world" game at the same time. In most parts of the game, you will find yourself moving to a certain place, but sometimes you will find yourself in a vast world to explore and search around. In most of the missions you will have to sneak and hide in the dark corners to eliminate your opponents, and in most missions you will have to face enemies face to face and destroy their heads with what Batman has of high combat skills, that the element Gameplay here has the strength and rigidity you rarely find in this type of game. The fighting in the game is exciting, characterized by its ease and smoothness if the attacks were distributed "Batman" wonderful buttons on the hand control, you can jump during the fighting and also to repel attacks with the click of one button and then respond to those attacks on enemies reminiscent of a Hollywood film, Most of the enemies' attacks, no matter how many they are by pressing the "Triangle" button and then counter-attacking your opponent after avoiding the attack, can also perform a series of successive moves that you will be able to perform after developing the level of the main character in the game. What is wrong with the game at this point is ease Eliminate enemies, because of stupid You will find that most of them behave stupidly, which makes it easy to eliminate them. This may be a positive thing for a certain group of players, but for those who love the challenge and the difficulty, this point is considered negative for them. Most enemies easily, despite the large number of opponents, but you will be able to eliminate them one by one without difficulty. The game is exciting and full of adventures and risks, you can climb, jump and fly as well as you will find some of the puzzles and secrets scattered throughout the game. The fun of the game is the great tools you will get as you progress in the game, such as Batman's "Hook", which will enable you to climb many high places, as well as the "Batarang" weapon, which will benefit from the elimination of most of the enemies and leaders in the game, As well as bombs, the most important tool in the game is the binoculars owned by "Batman", which can benefit from it in many ways is very important in the investigation and exploration, which contains a property known as the pattern of inquiry or what is known in the game as "Detective Mode", will rely heavily In order to know where your opponents are during the infiltration "and this makes the case "This sophisticated telescope will also explore some of the things that you will not be able to see without this perspective, such as fingerprints, as well as knowing the enemy's information and the quality of the weapons they have. What I would say to everyone is that this tool will make the game much easier and exaggerated , You will find yourself relying on it dramatically from the beginning of the game to its end, well. This game contains a good collection of puzzles that will not take you long to solve, in most areas of the game you will sometimes discover that you are in trouble and you get rid of this impasse in some way and do not come out puzzles in the game about this range, to talk about another important point In this game, "Batman" in this game has many stealth skills you can do. You can eliminate them in a traditional way as in the game of MGS or SC, and you can withdraw enemies from high areas by "hook" that you own, it is exciting here that everything you do during the intrusion affects the psychology of your opponents, and I need to remember what happened to me in one The areas of the game, when you eliminate all enemies to keep them one person, I shoot randomly for fear of being killed like the rest of his comrades, and this confers more realistic game despite the stupidity of the enemies and the weakness of the AI as well. This Batman Man game has provided an excellent combination of everything you can look for in Action and Adventure. Moreover, to talk about other points that have characterized this exciting game, the exploration element that will make you spend a lot of time to finish this game, The hidden secrets and secrets that you will be looking for, which is a secondary and added component to increase the amount of fun in the game, there are a lot of files and notes that will be collected, as well as some files of the characters called "Character Bios", you will receive rewards whenever you collect a certain number of them, Antiques also. What you have already mentioned adds extra game content that increases the hours of play and returns more than once, especially with the shortness and ease of story development. As the world of the game is huge and has lots of secrets and secrets, there will of course be a world map in the game. Details of the areas you visited before, as well as sometimes will appear on that map some hints and aids that will benefit you in finding most of the secrets scattered throughout the region. The more you collect a certain number of secrets, the more points you will gain to improve your character or equipment. The game has more than UPGRADE you can only do after collecting these secrets and killing a certain number of leaders. Only after development, the game may finish before you get it unless you find these secrets,

    This is a part of the game. Another phase of the game is the more fun part of the game. It is also a different and separate stage from the main story, the Chalenge Mode, a group of challenges in small rooms and squares. You can play in a certain time to win the prizes, you can play the main character "Batman" As an exclusive addition to the PS3 version of the game will be able to play the character "Joker" with a set of exclusive maps, what distinguishes this stage is the sense of the real challenge while going into one of his duties , Some tasks require you to eliminate a number of enemies and get a p I have 17000 points of experience but in a very short time, and you will not get that big amount of points until after a long series of combat attacks, it's a really exciting phase. I've sat for long hours in order to get the bronze medal for this challenge, Not all challenges will be combat, but most of them will be challenges of espionage and insensitivity. In short, this phase adds an excellent challenge element to the game and will lead to a longer and more enjoyable game. If you try this phase, the game is generally great and a powerful experience you do not have to miss. , But now let's talk about some of the negatives that I've noticed in this game The fact that the game is a kind of repetition, despite the vast space of the game, but you will feel that most of the tasks you have done in advance, as well as leaders in the game may not differ their strategies when interviewed in different battles, such as the "Titans," who will meet them for more Once again, I have seen no change in their strategies and attacks. Another point I consider a negative figure in the game is the heavy and very slow Batman movement. Sometimes you will get bored because you will have to press a button for "jogging", so you will feel that the game is often Especially tedious with Batman's slow motion and accompanying music tedious metabolism ! , Another point is the absence of multi-player and online games where the challenge could be taken advantage of and added to the ability to play across the network, but there are potential additions, especially with the availability of a new additions, which will probably carry a lot of updates and additions in the future. I can say now that I have come to the end of talking about the style of play and I can say that the game in general is considered strong and provided a style of play with exciting content and interesting, but the game is the best game in the level of games quoted from the storyboards so far, if you love games Action and Adventure, then know that this game is a "chance" you should not miss "

    The engine used in the development of this game is the famous engine "Unreal", and this name is familiar in the world of games, how not it is used in one of the most powerful games of this generation in visual terms, "Gears Of War", we can summarize talk about the appearance of the game General The game environment has been really great, the environment of the game is fantastic, interactive and close to reality, despite the appearance of fog in most areas, but in general the game environment looks pretty good. The characters in the game will be talking about, the characters are already considered the best that has been "visually" done in the game, everything in the character seems so realistic to a great extent that the characterization of the characters and their artificial muscles appear more than excellent in the game, thanks to the engine Unreal with terrible visual abilities that appeared in this game. If we were to talk about secondary elements such as lighting and water bodies, the other works were really innovative. Let's talk about another technical aspect, the output and the angles of photography in the game, the output in the game is good but do not expect much is a game from the developer of "Western" and hardly find a Western game has a creative touch in the output compared to the Japanese developer, and what makes matters worse is the weak animation of the characters In most scenes of the game you will notice that the movements of the character are normal and limited and full of fabrication, but this never diminishes the aesthetics of the game, the angle of photography from my point of view may not be very cooperative with you while roaming and exploring and infiltration unlike the fighting, the angle of photography appear behind Batman Directly, he notices that "BatMan "screen a large part of the screen while roaming, and you will feel that the camera - sometimes - stuck behind" Batman ", which may hinder you to see the surrounding area easily, but in general, you can get used to the camera system and its cooperation with the control of the game in a very short time .

    The sound effects in the game are great, the sounds of kicks, jumps, friction and lighting are all close to reality and work on them more than wonderful, you will certainly like the sound of the punches paid by "Batman" to his enemies that will make you feel a desire to pay several more punches, Some of the mistakes are in the form of the sound of the voice sometimes and the repetition of some words by some characters during the game, what adds flavor is the voice of "Joker" and his laugh sarcastic cynicism, which I personally consider the best sound performance in the game so far, the music in the game is mostly calm, nothing special - J Music Beats game, what you hear from is just an ordinary Beats music Stnsaha once the game termination from, unlike some of the other games that have great make them stuck in Beats mind for a long time.

    - l The pros and cons of the game l -
    + The style of playing solid, and excellent displacement between the action and infiltration
    + There are a lot of tools, developments, secrets, secrets, which you will find in the game
    + Extra phases increase the fun rate and increase the game life, such as the "Chalenge Mode"
    + Excellent combat skills, beautiful Hollywood style in combat with innovative rebound and rebound property
    + A good story, with a wonderful introduction and narrative
    + Graphics are amazing and realistic to a great extent,

    || Game evaluation ||

    - Game System -
    It is a wonderful mixture between action and infiltration with new ideas and methods of playing a variety will inevitably get your admiration, add to the amount of fun you will get through some minor additions in it, what is wrong is artificial stupidity and little repetition in the tasks of the game (8.5)

    - Fees -

    Thanks to the incredible Unreal engine, this Batman game was presented in the most beautiful suit (9,0)

    - Other -

    The game was quoted more beautifully than the story, with the unique narrative style that made the game a unique attraction (9,0)

    - Sounds -

    The sound effects were worked wonderfully, the sound of "Joker" gave the game a special flavor, but the game's "forgetfulness", adding to the poor sound - sometimes - (8.5)

    - Age of the game -

    With an excellent storyline, and additional stages like the challenge, Batman will keep you busy for really long hours (9,0)

    Rate this article Review: Batman Arkham Asylum

    (5/5) 4 ratings


    I like how you narrate the game in a essay form. Good one, and definitely can improve. Kinda lengthy in my opinion. Try to put straight points & learn HTML formatting for images.

    5 june 2019 09:30

    good game

    27 january 2019 10:31

    One of the Batman Arkham even was The Game Of The Year

    30 november 2017 04:23

    one of my favorite games.My favirute is the scracrow boss fights

    2 january 2020 09:27