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    (4.57/5) 14 rates
    Mrdox, 10 december 2018 02:36

    Review aegis Defenders

    If you are impatient with the relatively slow start of this game, you will find yourself in front of a great strategic experience filled with rough encounters.

    Aegis Defenders is a game that offers a smart combination of platforms and motion on the one hand and tower defense on the other. The game was developed by GUTS Department. The idea of the game began as a project at the University of South Carolina in the United States and under the supervision of Richard Lemarchand (a master designer of Uncharted Games in Naughty Dog earlier), and when the game designers noticed the addiction to the demo they knew they Is about to produce a special game, and so this game was born.

    The story of the game revolves after the end of civilization as we know it, we have the old Bart mechanical skills and his grandson fighter Chloe, whose parents were killed in mysterious circumstances and are living on the hunt for antiquities, and in the world of this game, hunting the effects leads to the possession of power and this is what seeks The Empire. The story and the characters do not offer anything exceptional that you have never seen before in other games, but it was nice to have an independent 
    game that has this cohesive and intelligent information to inform the player slowly and gradually as the progress of the game.

    Most of these stages consist of two parts, the first is partial platforms and cooperative movement, our hero Chloe has long-range weapons and can build bombs and traps, but Bart is specialized in fighting near, It can build defensive barriers (which can also be used to jump to higher ground) and repair them. This game is based on a clever idea of fighting and is similar in color. Chloe has a blue weapon and if she shoots a blue monster it will cause three times more damage than other characters, while Bart specializes in confronting yellow enemies. There are also puzzles in the stages of the game that require the use of all characters and manipulate the mechanics of the game smartly, but we would like to warn you: Do not buy this game for the particles of platforms and movement is short and not saturated.

    The second part of the stages is the end of the stage when you reach one of the effects and you want to protect it and here begins defense defense in the game, which is the partial that was the most fun for us, but we emphasize that the defense was really wonderful where you are building guns and traps and You have to defeat five successive enemies, each with a short interval to gather resources and build more defense defenses. You can combine different abilities of characters and build weapons and equipment that no single person can build on their own. Defense will be easy in the first half of the game and to the right, our view of the game was not very positive only with the second half when the number of characters can be played and became the defense particles grind and crazy, and perhaps one of the enemies who caused us the problems had the ability to " "The automatic defender we set for defense and therefore was breaking our defenses! However, there are many enemies and many different strategies you can follow to repel them. There is a great diversity in the defensive areas as well as with the presence of ascending and descending platforms change enemy sites or sites of your automatic guns and other ideas variety, which keeps the repetition of the multi-game confrontations.

    In terms of graphics, Aegis Defenders has a beautiful artistic style and is inspired by many of the old films of Hayao Miyazaki
    . It comes with 16-bit gold-like graphics, but in any case we have a technical problem in the game. The screen becomes very crowded. Music in the game is quiet especially in the camp, which will spend your time to upgrade weapons and tools between different stages, but you will not remember after the completion of the game is not the kind that hangs in the mind.

    Aegis Defenders has provided us with a lot of fun and exceeded our initial expectations. The mix is unique as each part of the game may not be distinct enough, but the combination of platform elements and defensive play combined with support for collaborative play has resulted in a pleasant experience. Too. We recommend that you buy this game if you are a fan of games that contain multiple strategic elements in the game or if you are looking for an enjoyable cooperative experience with a friend, but you have to avoid the first half of the slow game and gradually increase the level. Aegis Defenders may not sparkle enough among many and many independent games available on different platforms but they have the ability to be a nice surprise for those who decide to play.


    Rate this article Review aegis Defenders

    (4.57/5) 14 rates


    very good article

    14 december 2018 10:43

    Nicely done.

    10 december 2018 21:14

    Nice work but the structure and organization could use a re-visit
    Try to add headings for next projects

    11 december 2018 08:11

    nicely done

    10 december 2018 20:37

    Not bad

    11 december 2018 21:06

    Could have more pictures, but other than that looks good

    10 december 2018 10:02