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    Rate this article "PC, XBOX OR PLAYSTATION"

    (2.73/5) 22 rates
    TheUnknownCookie, 18 august 2017 21:04


    Should you buy a PC. Or an XBOX. Or a Playstation? We will talk about it now

    If your thinking of wether to buy any one of these 3 then you've come to the right place. First things first is the PC. There is a lot of games you can buy and play on PC, much more than the consoles. You will also be able to get mods for the games which makes the fun endless! They can also do other things as well as play games whereas the others are limited to a game OR something else, not at the same time. A PC may cost much more for obvious reasons but i think it is well worth it as its the latest generation for itself unless you decide to upgrade it. The XBOX and Playstation are competing to get new consoles out at least every year which will lower the quality of the console as their in a race. BUT they are much cheaper than the PC and you can still have a lot of fun. If you decide to play online, you will have to pay for it on both consoles per month or year. Its not overly expensive so it is great. The graphics are limited more on the consoles but they are coming out with even better gear to make it look more realistic. Oh and the fact that if you have friends playing on consoles you would probably rather buy and play with them, than buy a pc and not be able to play with friends straight away. Personally i prefer the PC after having a Playstation even though my PC isnt the best, i still have a lot of fun on it. I think there is just much more to do for less money over a long period. I still love the consoles and would play on them any day of the week but my preference is 100% a PC over any of the other consoles. Apart from Wii of course! haha

    Rate this article PC, XBOX OR PLAYSTATION

    (2.73/5) 22 rates


    I think that they are all equal

    29 march 2020 11:28

    i think that the PC hafe the best game graphics and i hafe PC and i made that comment on my PC

    7 april 2020 15:44

    the only reason to play on a console is the console restricted games

    12 march 2020 10:19

    I wouls like to buy a PC! There are lots of games in pc than xbox or Playstation.

    8 november 2020 06:28

    of course an overclocked i9 pc

    25 september 2020 03:31

    this article is pretty short but nice nevertheless! thank you

    26 march 2020 16:22

    PC is waaaay better than consoles

    27 august 2017 22:19

    I like the title but I DON'T like how every word is so crowded. hard to read

    24 january 2021 10:05

    The PS2 was the last console worth having.

    25 august 2017 03:06

    pc and xbox the winner numbers 1!!

    28 march 2020 13:08